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Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vasundra’s last rituals were being performed. Kosi shouts and laughs victoriously saying today her revenge has completed. She recalls Thapki throwing her out, Aryan disgracing her and Bani also deterred to push her out of the house. She says now she has destructed Thapki’s family, she sent Aryan to jail and Vasundra is no more now. Now, this house belongs to Kosi.
At night, Kosi enjoyed watching television in the hall. All of a sudden the lights go out. She receives a call from the inspector who says Bihaan left the jail and may come to Kosi. Kosi turns to see Aryan stand at the door with a knife in his hand, pointed towards Kosi. Kosi runs from Aryan but he comes closer. Kosi trembles and runs upstairs hiding in her room behind the bed post.

Aryan follows her to the room and down till the hall. The police had arrived in the hall, Kosi requests them to kidnap Bihaan who is upstairs. The police go upstairs but soon an inspector fell down the stairs due to a bullet shot.

Kosi runs for life and hides herself inside a closet in the room. She notices someone was present in the closet as well. It was Vasundra, who knife injury over her stomach. She comes out to find Aryan stand outside. Aryan tells Kosi to be afraid of God, and law would also punish her. Kosi throws a canister of water towards him and runs outside. She finds another inspector fell in front of her, shot in his chest. She runs the other way but Aryan comes to her face her. He finally holds Kosi’s hand and says no one is here to save her now. Kosi promises to get away from here. Aryan says she will only go to God now. Aryan says Kosi turned him the culprit in hand of everyone. Kosi agrees to accept all her sins in front of everyone, about pushing him to kill Vasundra and tying the anklet on Tina’s feet. Bihaan stabs Kosi on the chest but it doesn’t kill her, instead the lights were switched on. Everyone get up, Tina, Munna, Samar, Panday and Vasundra along with the police. Vasundra shows Kosi the sharp knife. Aryan tells Kosi this was a prank played by him. He says he played a game with Kosi, and the family supported him in it. He recalls asking Vasundra for her help, and she agreed.

Aryan plays with the fake knife in his hand, he says he got a fake knife made and killed Vasundra with it. Like Kosi, Vasundra was also fine after the attack. The police and the drama to kill them was also fake. He had placed stickers over their chest. Vasundra tells Kosi that the police which now comes in not fake. Mr. Panday tells the inspector to take her to jail. Vasundra says not her son, but Kosi would be hanged. Kosi laughs saying this isn’t her son, this is a stranger. Vasundra looks towards Panday ji. Kosi asks Aryan if he would be left free by getting her caught. Kosi says this isn’t Bihaan, this is Aryan Khanna. Vasundra must ask why Thapki brought him to the house and what did Thapki and Bani played along with him. Vasundra slaps Kosi on face. Kosi shouts at the lady inspectors and deters Vasundra that her family would rot. She goes with the police. Vasundra shouts that she even lied while leaving, she says this is her Bihaan and not Aryan Khanna. Aryan says he did what Thapki has always done, he won’t let the family suffer at any cost.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aryan and everyone come to hospital. The doctor says Thapki’s body is half burnt, they must immediately do the surgery. The family was shocked at the sad news of Bani.