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Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

After twenty days, doctors remove the bandages off Thapki’s face. They tell them that Thapki is now fine and recovered well from her surgery. Everyone await as the bandage was being removed. They were all shocked to see Thapki as her face had been changed. Thapki utters, Maa, and asks what has happened, why they are all staring at her. She touches her face t hen walks towards the mirror. She questions the doctor who this is in the mirror and breaks it throwing a vase. Vasundra comes to Thapki and hugs her. The doctor apologizes Thapki, her face had been burnt badly and plastic surgery was needed. Aryan says this can’t be their Thapki, Thapki says he is right as this face doesn’t belong to Thapki.

Panday ji and Vasundra says no matter what her face is, her life has been saved with much difficulty. Aryan comes to her, she cries requesting to get her face back. Vasundra makes her lay on the bed. The doctors say it takes some time for her to get normal, they must try to keep her happy as much as possible. They allow them to take her home. Aryan was only staring at her in disbelief.
At home, Munna opens the door to Thapki. Thapki cries in front of her photo hung at the wall. Panday ji insists on Aryan that this is Thapki. Aryan thinks his heart doesn’t accept this is Thapki, he must find this truth. He comes to Thapki and demands her to lullaby she used to sing for Bani and Tina. Aryan explains he would be able to feel Thapki in this new face this way. Thapki finally signs the lullaby. They all watch Thapki run upstairs.

Later, Vasundra was in the kitchen. He stops Aryan and was about to cut the mango. He says this mango is black from outside, may be rotten. Vasundra says they would see and makes Aryan taste it. She says this is how we have to accept this new face of Thapki, if they don’t accept it how would Thapki accept the hard reality.

Outside in the hall, Dolly comes with the balloons and celebrates Thapki’s birthday to keep her happy. Dolly cries for Bani. Thapki wasn’t ready to celebrate without Bani, Panday ji and Vasundra says Bani wanted to celebrate, they must abide by her wish. Dolly had brought Thapki’s favorite chocolate cake for her. Tina was upset recalling Bani’s preparations. Dolly brings Thapki for cutting of the cake. Thapki cries that she won’t be able to do this. Vasundra asks what if for Bani? The knife fells off, Dolly with floss over her head bends to pick it up and gets fire. She screams in the hall. Samar pours a cup of water over her. Thapki now sits with the cake and cut out a piece which she brings to Tina. Tina feeds Thapki with a bite. Thapki pushes the bite off her mouth saying she can’t have the cake without Bani today. Aryan tells her to consider she has made this cake for Bani and put in everything she used for Bani. He says what was the special ingredient she put in Bani’s cake, explaining to Vasundra this is a memory of Bani. Thapki replies she used cinnamon, Bani liked the cake even more with it.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bihaan thinks his heart makes him wander for no reason, he must not suspect Thapki. A girl was dancing in a bar and removes the veil off her face .