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The Great Seducer Live Recap Episodes 7 and 8


It looks like Tae-hee is falling for Si-hyun all episode today. At the same time, SH’S father, Suk-woo is wooing Tae-hee’s mom, Young-won. I have to admit, Tae-hee was a pretty easy conquer. Or maybe they will switch something up where she is about to start liking him but then he does something or she overhears something and puts her guards back up? I’m going to believe that for now.

The live watch for this show is available on MBC. Has anyone tried to watch this live using the MBC link below? We don’t think it is country locked. If you don’t have a login then it only shows 3 minutes (and then I guess you would have to refresh?) but if you make a login then you can watch the entire episode. We can always try and put together a guide on how to watch shows live on MBC if anyone is interested.

For all our Waikiki people, we didn’t get a chance to watch Waikiki yesterday, but we think we will have a chance to watch both episodes today so we’ll try to get the recaps up after The Great Seducer.

SH tells TH, don’t you want to know about me. But Th says she wants to know about him but she is afraid. he says that he is afraid too, because he won’t be a good man to her. She wonders what he means and he says…lying.

But he changes his face and says that a lot of people lie in the world.

TH says that a lot of people are fake and lie to you and he should be careful because lying to yourself is a worst thing.

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SH wants to know, tell him, how is he to her? he will wait for her answer. But then he sees the ceramic on the table and thinks that it looks great. He says it isn’t as pretty as her. He asks her where she learned pottery and she says that she just learned it. Th tells him to give it to Halmoni but he says that he will wrap it prettily. They playfully play back and forth about who will give it to her with SH holding the pot over his head so she can’t grab it.

Then the nuns come in and wonder when this kids are going to go home.

TH and SH leave with TH running out. She has to run to her part-time job. SH tells her that TH is more dangerous to her and puts his hand on her cheek. He wants to know why it is so red, does she have a fever? TH imagines throwing him on the ground with Judo, but then decides to just leave.
SW finally makes it to the dinner meeting with Suzi and and her mother. SW and MR immediately start to talk business which makes SZ ask why she is there. Is this a date or a business meeting? SW says it is a family meeting so maybe they don’t have to talk business. SZ asks him, when they get married, maybe they don’t have to leave their homes. MR says it is none of her business. But SZ says SW’s house is like a mom for SH. SW says he is all grown up now and should accept it.

Flashback to the funeral of SH’s mom. He couldn’t attend his own mothers memorial ceremony and just sat at home with his friends. They are all dressed in black. SH tells him Mom that his friends are there, but his mom is dead. SZ tells him to look at them and SH tries not to cry. But he can’t keep it in and starts balling. All the friends cry as well. SZ tells him he can cry since they are there with him.

SZ says that she knows how he feels, so if he wants to take everything from him then he should give him some time to remember his mother. SW says that he will rethink about the house. SZ also mentions that SH isn’t coming for this family meeting and says she hopes they listen to her request. She won’t ask him why he is late even though he came to the hotel early.

Th and KJ talk about SH. Did he notice that her heart dropped? If your heart drops too quickly then that is a bad thing when you date. TH says they aren’t dating, but KJ thinks this is a great thing, TH finally has someone that she likes.

SH shows up at the friends clubhouse and asks SZ how the family meeting was. She wants to know if he is really abandoned. But he doens’t anwer. SH gives SZ a bouquet of flowers that she takes and puts on the bar. Then we cut back to TH and KJ. KJ wonders, what if TH falls in love with SH, but he is just playing with her? She wants to ask someone, so she text SZ.

So SZ gets a text and starts texting back and forth with KJ. KJ tells SZ that TH did some volunteer work with SH, does he like her? SZ says she is busy now, but she will ask him later.

TH thinks that SH isn’t a big thing. Maybe it was a waste of her time/life. But she looks a little sad about it. They sleep but TH looks like she is still thinking about SH.

SH calls MR and asks if all the friends are together? He says they are and he will send her home soon. SHe asks if he is sad about them moving. He says no, it is there problem. But MR brings up SZ worrying about him and his appa worries about him as well, he should go home.

SH tells SZ that her mom wants him to go home, but she just sits on the couch. However, she sat on the present and breaks it. SH is pretty mad about that, he made it so he can’t buy it again. SZ says it was an accident, this is the first time he is so angry at her like this, she is really sorry. SJ wonders why SH is so angry and runs after SZ. SH is left alone and looks at the bouquet of flowers.
SZ walks out of the hotel by herself contemplatively. She hides from SJ who is running after her, and sighs.

MR sees the pottery and sighs. then we cut to YW giving an interview as they walk around her pottery exhibit. She says she tries to like pottery just like love. Pottery is cold, right? When it is cold, but it used to be very hot and when you make it, you have to be very delicate. But after meeting all the conditions it becomes hard and if you don’t break it then it can last forever.

MR comes in at that moment so YW excuses the reporter and greets MR, but it doesnt seem like she knows MR. She just tells her to look around.

HJ and SZ walk around the town while SZ takes a call from HJ’s mom, GS. GR is following their location with GPS and says it doesnt look like they are were they are supposed to be. SZ tries to play it off. HJ says they used to have CCTV at hom, but they removed it becaues her brother was sneak peeking. SZ tells her not to worry, and if she wants to be her friend then she shouldn’t bow at her like that. They keep walking with HJ looking very chirpy as she walks next to SZ.

Meanwhile SH tries to fix the pottery but talking himself into fixing it takes half the time. he finally fixes it and falls asleep a his place. then the camera scrolls to his drawing and we see that he added ramen to it. He wakes up again and tries to pick up the plate, but it breaks again so he bangs his head on the floor.

Across town, TH is thinking about SH, but she thinks that he doesn’t care that much about her. SH shows up at that moment and comes to help TH. But she leaves without talking to him. Then we see TH presenting the ceramic gifts to all the halmoni’s at the nursing home. They all looks good and TH keeps avoiding SH. It is time to present the cute Halmoni with her gift, but he says that he broke it. TH goes to the halmoni and tells her that they need to make her another one. The poor halmoni starts crying. But then SH asks her if she would like a piggy back ride and gives her one all around the nursing home. This brightens her spirits right up.

He comes back to the room with TH and apologizes, it was his mistake. She says that is fine and keeps ignoring him. Then she starts to make it again and tells her to focus on that and he will clean everything. But TH tells him to stop playing around. If his place is important to him then he should have called her in advance. he apologizes for not contacting her but she tells him to just shut up. She shouldn’t have trusted him. No one says see you later here because they don’t want to give pressure to visitors, so just stop here, these people shouldn’t get hurt with you playing around.

SH asks if this is her story or halmoni’s story and he apologies for playing with her. he leaves and TH sits to make the ceramic plate again. She doesn’t watch him leave.
One of the sister-in-laws talks to SJ about being careful with his rope, it will hurt his abonim’s mind. SJ thinks his SIL worries about him a lot. She smiles and says that he should get out with his two feet.

Meanwhile SH tries to make ramen again. But he doens’t know how to make it. he looks in the fridge to find something to eat, but nothing is there. Then he tries to erase his drawing. He drew the halmonis as well, but he wants to erase it all. however he can’t do it. Then SJ comes in.

SJ says he isn’t telling him to go home, he has a good life here, but this horrible diet will affect his DNA. He should take better care of himself. SH has all junk food around. SJ thinks SH’s sexual power will decrease if he keeps eating all these things. But SH wants to know what he is going on about. SJ wants to take him to Japan, but he also says that he found out something about TH.

Cut to SJ talking to a Chinese woman (possibly the maid of GS?), she wants to know what she should do and what she will get. He tells her that she will get a cool job and be a cool noona or she can get him. He kisses her hand and smiles.

The older Ajumma tells TH that SJ dated a classmates mother. The maid is listening in on this. GS says the mome was a super model, but she looked like a noona and they even kissed. So GS worries about TH, she should be careful and she should tell KJ also.

So SH figures out that TH is ignoring SH because of this strange woman, GS. Not because she doens’t like him. SJ thinks TH believes what other people say because they are just starting to date. But SH is sulking and doesn’t want to hear about TH. SJ puts a bunch of condoms in SH’s drawer and jokes to SH about meeting with TH, it looks like he liked meeting her. He dresses better now and is alive again. But SH says it was all a joke, he was just playing with her.

SJ figures out that the deal was that SH would give his car to SZ but SH just pretends like he will hit SJ.

TH is at the nursing home enjoying her time with the halmoni’s, but then someone brings a photo of SH when he was young, and his mother. His mother was a sponsor of the nursing home. That is why the halmoni recognizes him (halmoni is in the photo as well). But they dont’ think he will be back. The Father says that he came back yesterday in a black coat. And we cut to a painting of flowers on a ceramic plate. It looks like he might have done it secretly.

Fade Out


SH and Sj are off rock climbing at an indoor place, but then they go to their clubhouse. SJ wants the two of them to forgive each other (SZ and SH). But they aren’t talking to each other. SJ tries to make the mood better and tells them to eat a lot of food so they can opposes the marriage. But it looks like SH is quitting. That brings SZ back to life, she wants to know why SH is quitting, she begged them to save his house even though they are getting married, but he is just quitting!

SH says that TH hates him now, what is he supposed to do. SZ tells him that he isn’t SJ, why is he dumped! SJ is all like, what? But SZ just says that she doens’t understand him! SH says he made a mistake. But SZ is holding him to their deal, she canceled TH’s dormitory. SH asks her if she can reverse it. But SZ wants to know if he cares about her now? Is he joking? You look like you want to run there and help her right away. SH says he will go there, it is not that he worries about her, but if SZ asks him to go there, then he will.

MR wants SW to come out, but he is too busy to come out. He looks at the ceramic pottery and then leaves. But he tells his secretary that they can finish the work tomorrow. SW tells him that he can take the subway and leaves. MR is in the car and follows him.

Meanwhile, SH and his friends are driving as well. SH thinks he must have been a vampire in a former life. They talk about vampires for a bit, no one hates vampires. But SZ just tells them that she is cold so roll the window up. They stop somewhere and SJ takes a photo of some peopleon the street. Then he leaves to talk to them. SH asks SZ if she would like to sit up front.

Cut to TH packing to go to college. She stops and texts SH, she saw a photo of him, why didn’t he tell her that he knew that place? But she erases it and tries to write something else, she misunderstood him, sorry…

At the same time, YW and SW meet to talk. YW says that her daughter went to college and still hates her, his son is the same age, so he should know how kids think. She knew he became the VP, he is a celebrity now, everyone talks about him in newspapers and magazines. It seems like he dumped her a long time ago? YW says that she thought about him a lot when she was having a hard time. She thinks she was a stupid mom who was crazy about a man who wouldn’t show up and didn’t even know that her daughter went into the street like a crazy person. But she isn’t blaming him, he might also have had a hard time.

Then she comments about the place they are eating. It looks lthe same. But he says it changed a little bit. YW says that she was so mad so she passed this place and couldn’t come inside. 20 years about they seperated and a few years ago it didn’t work out, so they are not fate. But he says that they meet again. YW says yes, but this is the last time. She wanted to meet him and tell him all these things. Some days she blamed him and other days she missed him, she wanted to tell him everything and wondered how long it would take. But it only took her 3 minutes. She thinks it’s hard and they shouldn’t do it again, you know what I mean? He agrees reluctantly, they shouldn’t do it again. But then he asks for her phone number. She wants to know if his company knows that he is doing this?
MR sits with some man and drinks. He pours her drinks and tells her that they should stop there. She thinks he pities her and she wants him to stop looking at her like that.

SH wants to know why she keeps their bet secret from SJ? She wants to know why it matters, why is it important to him and F-him. She gets out and starts walking across the street. He chases after her and asks her why she is so upset? She says that he worried about SJ but he doesn’t worry about her? So what if she lied to him? Should she tell them that her mother sold herself for money? She lied because she was embarrassed? But SH thinks there is nothing embarrassing between them. But SZ just keeps yelling, SH doesn’t worry about anything, he can just take over everything but she suffers. He tells her to listen to him. But SZ doesn’t want him to comfort her or pretend like he likes her or anything, don’t do anything!

SH hugs her and tells her to just trust him. TH has nothing to do with them. But SZ says she is important for is, she can see it in his eyes, he worries about her. But he says he doesn’t worry about her, he forgot her moving date, he just follows her because she wants him to follow her.

We cut to them both sitting in the car. He wants her to look at him, but she doens’ want to. He says he won’t make her mad, his father will be a good father to her so don’t worry about anything and just do what you want to do. But she asks about him, why is he saying that he isn’t a part of the problem? He says it is because he has to go to the army. SZ says he shouldn’t do those things (stroke her hair). She gets out but then she tells him that he should’t treat her like a dongsang, she will kill him. He laughs and says that he won’t. Then he drives off.

But the mother comes back right at that time. The maid comes out to greet a very drunken MR. SZ is stunne to see her mother like that. MR introduces her friend (the man) she tells him that her daughter is so pretty. She says bye to this man and goes inside with the help of her maid. SZ asks the man if he is there as an employee or a friend, but he tells her to not worry.
SH’s alarm goes off for TH’s moving day. He tells it that he knows. But then he wonders if she will be able to take care of it. SJ calls him, he wants to go to Hong Kong now. They should eat mandu if it snows. SH wonders why it is snowing today.

Meanwhile TH tries to move by herself but the moving person tells her to call her boyfriend, doens’t she have one? It will cost extra. SH gets out of his car and complains about the weather, but then he goes about helping TH move all her things. The moving person asks her why she is angry, did they fight. But she just says that isn’t it and tries to load her things up. But SH grabs it all and wraps it all nicely up in the moving car. the song palying is “Maybe I like you….”

SH pulls TH away and tells the moving truck that they can follow him in his car. they get to the dorm and TH finds out that someone else moved into her place. She calls someone to figure out what happened, there must have been a mistake. But she finds out that she called and cancelled. TH says she never called them! But what’s done is done. TH cries, she has no where to stay now. Where can she go?

SH picks her up and carries her somewhere. They stuffed all her things in his car and he drove her to his house. She wakes up and he tells her that she sleeps well. the security person knocks on his door so he tells her to go up to the house and let herself in, the password is her phone number. But it looks like SH is arrested because the car is his mothers car.

She goes inside but the phone number doesnt work so she calls him. He playfully asks her if she is stupid and says she has to put in her entire phone number. She does and goes into his place. The house is super clean with photos of him and his friends around.

She sees the cermic plate that he tries to fix and then she sees the drawing of her, the halmaes, and food. She takes off.

SH’s appa put in a report of a missing car. he says it is his mothers car, how can he steal it. But then TH runs to the station and starts saying a bunch of law things about how Sh is the lawful owner of the car because SH is the heir so his father and SH own half and half of the car so it isn’t stealing right? The cop is stupified and tells SH to talk to his father about it. This car doesn’t have a history of an accident and SH says his mother died in this car, hey should have a record.

The lawyer comes to take care of it all but the polcie man is like…oh, she isn’t the law representative? And motions to TH. TH smiles. The lawyer tells SH that he can leave, he will take care of it. So SH and TH leave.
They go to a loval mart and eat some icecream. Sh wonders if she ever saw a family where the father accuses the son of stealing the car. TH says her mother was in a one-sided love affair. SH mentions that she was talking about her father hiding his own feelings and getting sick.

SH says the police asked him if she is a law school student and TH starts to cough. Sh puts his hands on her forhead and says she has a fever, she should stay home since it is so cold. But she came out because she worred about him. She says, of course, he looked stupid in that police station. She saw the picture he drew of her and figured out that he liked her. he says he didn’t draw it for that purpose. But she says that he can answer slowly, she thinks that she likes him.

He stands up and looks at her.

SH – WOnt you regret it…
Th – what?
SH – 1-2-…

He quickly kisses her. Then he looks at how she responds and he kisses her again.

SH – In my mind, a secret is growing.

Cut to SH driving TH to school and it starts snowing. TH says, do you know that if you move when it snows then it will bring you good luck, maybe something good will happen to me. Thank you, without you I would be in big trouble. When we get there I will buy you some jajangmyun.

She draws a birthday cake on the window.

Her birthday wish was that she wants to live with someone that she loves. She hopes that her wish is realized.

Fade Out

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