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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Uma saying once you understand the meaning behind all this, you will not find strange, you apply sindoor every day, do you know why its applied. She says yes, it shows woman is married, its a Daasi Dharm. He says incomplete knowledge is harmful, sindoor is for husband’s long life. She sends him for yagya. Maasi asks everyone to work faster. Kanak says I have washed all fruits. Payal gets up and says don’t know, you can find this as my childishness, but Aditya came in my dream yesterday.

Maasi asks what did he say. Payal says he asked me to do Solah Shringhaar, his family will love me, as he is Maasi’s dearest one. Maasi makes Payal wear her bangles. Payal and her mum smile. Maasi says next time, if he comes in dream, tell him Maasi gave nek to his wife. Payal’s mum says its beautiful bangles. Payal takes Maasi’s blessings. Maasi says Kanak is going to become Shiv’s guru maa, he will sit in her lap, where is the necklace, why did you not wear it. Kanak says I was…. Maasi asks Saraswati to get necklace. She makes Kanak wear a big necklace. Payal and her mum look on.

Kanak thinks just half an hour is left to do Daasi dharm, I got one step closer to get Bhabho’s shop. Payal’s mum sees Kanak coming and tells Payal. Kanak asks Payal what’s the matter. Payal says Suman is unwell, I was taking kada for her. Kanak says give kada to me, I will give it to her. Payal smiles. Shiv asks Uma to make him wear Janiyo. Uma says sure, just some time left. Shiv signs and asks about it. Uma says Janiyo’s three threads resemble three veds, then the threats are tied by a knot, it is washed by gangajal and made pure, you don’t touch it by dirty hands, heart and deeds should be pure.

Payal goes to Paulmi and says I have seen Kanak going to Suman’s room, she did not stop. Paulmi says what, I will get her. Maasi asks what happened. Payal says Kanak went to Suman’s room. Maasi gets shocked. Kanak calls out Suman and asks her to have kada, Maasi asked me not to meet you, so I kept kada here. She enters the room. She doesn’t find Suman. She reads her poetry and says wow, Suman writes too, she is romantic, its good, I should leave before anyone comes. Maasi says I m explaining Kanak since two days, why did she go there. Paulmi says don’t know. Maasi asks is she venting out anger to keep daasi dharm, is she angering Uma.

Rani gives money to pandit. She says when I find a groom who holds my hand, you will do my marriage with him. She cries. He says sure. Golu shouts Rani, your badal has come. Rani gets glad. He says I got late and you are going in someone else’s life. She says you can’t talk in front of your mum. He says no, I have come, leave that mandap and groom, come to me to become my queen. Rani says I will marry today, you have to climb the stairs and come to me. He counts stairs and holds heart. He says fine, I can climb Himalayas for you. Rani claps for him.

Golu stops midway and gets tired. He says I can’t come. Pandit asks is this the groom, I have a solution. Rani asks what. Pandit says we will get him up by this rope. They throw the rope to Golu. Golu holds rope and asks them to pull. Rani and pandit pull Golu. Rani says if you truly love me, come up holding the ripe. Golu says I m coming. They pull Golu. Golu reaches the top of the stairs. Rani holds his hand. He falls in her lap.

Mahant ji comes. Uma greets and welcomes him. Kanak says I have passed the test, now I will focus on Shiv’s yagya pavitra sanskar, Shiv is so happy, I will become his Gurumaa. Maasi calls her out. Everyone comes. Maasi asks everyone to stay away from Kanak. Maasi asks Kanak did she go inside Suman’s room, why did she do this when she was not allowed. Kanak says I went and kept kada on table, I did not meet Suman. Maasi asks why did you do this. Kanak sees Payal. Maasi says you are not pure now.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahant says yagya pavitri is a pure work, there is a solution. Daasi thinks there is just 10 mins left. Pandit asks Kanak to drink some water.