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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th April 2017 Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Vansh and Kanak coming to exhibition and meeting Mayank’s mum. Mayank’s mum says I chose some lahengas for you, see its color, it will suit you. Kanak says you buy anything you like. The lady says there is nothing beautiful like simplicity, I will see more lahengas. Vansh signs Kanak. He talks to her and asks her to control, even my mood is off, I will try to call Bhabho, smile, go and get your mum in law’s blessings. The lady calls her. She asks Kanak to choose a lahenga fast and then we will buy matching jewelry.

Uma is also there. Kanak thinks how to choose this, I never shopped for marriage. Uma says blue color will suit bride, show that. Kanak hears him from far and chooses blue color lahenga. He says pearl bangles. She also buys that and wears bangles. He says Rani haar/big necklace, Meenakari earrings. She buys all that he says and wears the jewelry. Uma says waist band. She tries the waist band. He says nose ring. She selects that. The lady comes. Kanak says I chose this lahenga and this jewelry. The lady says wow, nice choice, go and try, marriage day is special for every day, everything should be perfect. Kanak asks Vansh to call Bhabho here anyway. He says okay, I will plan something. Uma says something looks incomplete, yes, bride’s forehead Bor, Shringhaar will look incomplete without it. She hears him and tells Vansh about Bor. Vansh says I got it, go.

Rani sees Bhabho making sweets. She asks Babasa about Bhabho, she makes sweets all day, but none buys it. He says Bhabho makes sweets very well, she taught sweet making to Sooraj, there used to be line to buy jalebis with Sooraj made jalebis. Rani asks Babasa did he forget things, why is he praising Bhabho. He says I remember everything, go and get my medicines. He gives her money and asks her to buy sweets from the shop. Rani says take my selfie, I will look good, the relation is still pure like this 100 rs note, he is just showing fake anger.

She goes to sweet shop and buys sweets. Bhabho says its fresh, I will get it. Mayank’s mum asks Bhabho to come to exhibition. Bhabho asks what’s the matter. The lady asks her to just come. Bhabho prays and leaves. She meets Mayank’s mum. She asks did children do any mistake.The lady calls Kanak. Kanak comes in bridal dress. Bhabho recalls Sooraj seeing her. The lady says when parents see daughter as bride, they love daughter a lot, I want you to bless Kanak, tell me on whom did she go, mum or dad. Vansh says both, she is mix of mum and dad. The lady says there is just one thing missing, Bhabho make her wear the Bor, she likes to wear Bor like you, so I called you, they told me, you tie Bor well. Bhabho combs Kanak’s hair and ties her hair. She fixes the Bor. Kanak touches Bhabho’s hands and cries. Kanak turns to Bhabho. She thinks Meenakshi told me, Papa was with mumma always, today I also got an unknown Sooraj, because of whom, I got Bhabho’s first installment of love. Kanak goes to Vansh and says I will just go and thank Sooraj, who helped me. Vansh asks her to come fast.

Kanak asks shop vendor about the man buying the marriage items. The man says he went to changing room. She thinks to give sweets to that person, who brought sweetness in her life. She takes the sweets and goes to changing room. She asks are you the one, who was buying marriage items, come out, I need to talk, sorry, you would be changing. Uma hears her. She says you would be thinking I m mad, but today I really got mad, I m saying by heart, please accept it by heart, thank you. Uma thinks why thanks.

She says you would be thinking why am I thanking you, if you did not tell about Bor, I would have not got my life’s biggest happiness, I can give you sweetness of entire world for you, I just have this to give you, please take these sweets. Uma takes the plate. She thanks him and goes. He looks out of the dressing room. He thinks was she the same, Chandan girl.

Vikram delivers the sarees at some house. The lady refuses to accept it. Vikram asks why. Meenakshi and Golu are already at lady’s house. Meenakshi praises her shop and gives discounts. Vikram gets angry. The little boy stops him. Vikram leaves. Meenakshi and Golu see him outside, and leave in the car. Vikram recalls Meenakshi. She says when I buy a car, we will go on long drive, we will watch cinema. Meenakshi recalls the same moment. Golu says Vikram has to cry now, I have customers list, we will break his customers.

Ved thinks its two days, Payal did not come out, she was worried that day, how will I talk to her in front of her parents, I have no relation with her. He leaves. Uma and his men arrive at Payal’s house. Uma says sorry, I came empty handed that day, I got shagun today, accept it. Payal and her parents worry. Uma says you asked me what would I do if it was my sister in Payal’s place, I would have done right thing according to society and Dharm, I would have done Gauna. Payal’s mum asks with whom, none knows about your brother, is he alive or not. Uma says if he is alive, Payal will live as Suhaagan, else as his widow.



Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Kanak asks can parents give punishment to a child this way. Uma says even Lord punishes student to teach him. Kanak says when there is love, heart gets freedom. Uma says heart should be controlled to keep up Dharm and rules.

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