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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak saying I did not meet Suman. Maasi asks why did you do this. She stops Kanak. Mahant asks Uma did all rules and customs met. Uma says yes. Mahant says everything has to be pure. Uma says everything is done well. Maasi says you are not pure now, I told you have to sit in havan. Uma and Mahant hear Maasi shouting. Maasi asks Kanak how will she sit in havan in this state. Kanak says you listen to me once. Uma comes and asks what happened.

Suman tells Uma that his wife has touched Suman. Kanak says I did not touch her. Uma asks why did you go to her room. Kanak asks what happened if I go to room. Suman says Maasi told you Suman is impure till 4 days, I explained you, this house has to be pure for this yagya, such a big carelessness, maybe you don’t know right and wrong, you did not obey my command, you don’t deserve this respect. Kanak hears the clock ticking. She sees the time and thinks just 10 mins are left for Daasi dharm to end. Uma says Maasi is eldest, you went against her and insulted me. Kanak says I did not insult anyone, I did not touch Suman, this is part of every woman’s life, this thing makes a mum become mum, why do we think of this as a illness, you are a doctor, how can you regard this wrong.

Uma gets thinking. Maasi says stop it, you don’t know what to talk, respect Mahant ji. Kanak says what’s shame to accept truth, its a thing of woman’s identity, if we women bow down, how will we get respect in society. Uma says its not a day to argue on Dharm, just hear it and do. Maasi says don’t know what happened to you, I felt you are understanding the customs, you do something that breaks my trust, why did you go to Suman’s room. Kanak sees Payal. Payal turns away.

Uma says you have made your impure before becoming Shiv’s gurumaa. Kanak says I did not touch Suman. Uma asks how shall I believe you, its about Shiv’s yagya, wrong can’t happen, we have to do Kanak’s shuddi. Maasi asks Paulmi to get gangajal to sprinkle on Kanak. Mahant says sorry, there is no meaning of doing shuddi by gangajal, her mistake can’t be forgiven. Kanak says but I want to be part of this function, Shiv is excited to make me Gurumaa. Uma says if this was so imp, you should have thought before doing this crime, I told you to become suitable to keep dharm.

Mahant says but there is a solution, Uma’s wife can become part of this function. Maasi asks Mahant to command. Mahant says wife is husband’s Daasi, she can be made pure by her husband’s shuddi water. Kanak asks what. Maasi says don’t sit in puja if you don’t want. She asks Paulmi to get gangajan in a plate, we don’t have much time. Kanak thinks what’s this shuddi ritual. Mahant asks Uma to keep his feet in the plate. He asks Kanak to wash Uma’s feet. Kanak asks me? Kanak sees Uma. Mahant says we don’t have much time. Maasi asks Kanak to hurry. Kanak’s inner self asks her to do this to get shop. Kanak says washing someone’s feet means accepting slavery, his Dharm says treat women like servants and not respect them. Her inner self says you have to get Bhabho’s shop. She washes Uma’s feet and wipes with a towel. Paulmi thinks Kanak is very lucky, I did not get this happiness.

Golu sees the mandap. Golu asks where is your second groom. Pandit says I was waiting for you to get your marriage done. Rani asks is there any third person’s place left in our love story. Golu smiles. Meenakshi comes and says I will not leave you. Golu screams and says no….. Meenakshi is the third person, she will not make you bahu. Rani says Meenakshi will change, we will not tell her till she changes. She asks pandit to read mantras fast.

Maasi says I can’t forget your mistake, but your sins will get washed by this shuddi. She says I will go and see Shiv. Mahant says Kanak’s shuddi did not complete yet, wait, Kanak has to drink this water. Kanak gets shocked. Mahant says Uma, if your wife wants to sit with you in yagya, this is necessary, else she can’t become part of yagya.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak says no, I can’t drink this water, my patience ends here. Uma says fine, you will be away from yagya. Maasi removes her necklace. Shiv says Kanak will be my Gurumaa.