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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak asking Maasi does she have breath analyser. Maasi says yes, why are you worried, you are innocent right. She asks Shiv to come and leave his breath on her hand. She checks Suman, Saraswati. She says Paulmi was with me in kitchen, there is no need to check her. Suman says Maasi trusts you a lot. Paulmi thinks I have to win Uma’s trust. Payal asks Kanak to go first. Kanak worries thinking what to do now. Maasi asks her to come ahead. Kanak thinks I wish, like my mum had, I also had a husband like Sooraj, who would speak up for me. Uma says leave it Maasi. Maasi says no, if one rule breaks today, two rules will break tomorrow, come here Kanak. Kanak says Maasi, I had eaten onions, unknowingly, I really did not know onions are not consumed here, I could not have breakfast, I went to temple and saw onions pakodas, I was hungry and eaten that, I would have died by hunger, forgive me. Maasi says Uma, we follow rules made by you, you are Dharm protector, you will punish your wife today.

She tells Kanak that Uma punishes for mistakes well. Uma says Kanak will get punishment, Parvatasan. Kanak checks the yoga asan and asks is this my punishment. Maasi says its your first mistake, so this punishment, but next time you will be punished strictly. Kanak says I can’t do this, I m not made of rubber. Maasi says I know, look there. Kanak sees Uma doing parvatasan. Uma says people’s mind stays alert by this. Maasi says yes, person will remember rules. Suman and Saraswati help Kanak. Kanak screams and says leave. Shiv also sits and smiles. Kanak takes the position by difficulty. Maasi asks Uma to help his wife. Uma helps Kanak.

She thinks why did you try to save me by mint if you had to punish me. He says I was saving you, now you got punished in front of everyone. Kanak thinks Sandhya has learnt exercises in IPS, I m doing this parvatasan here. Maasi asks Payal to tell Kanak why they don’t eat onion and garlic. Payal tells three types of food, we don’t eat onion and garlic as its Tamsik food. Kanak says wrong, food is of variety, indian, chinese, continental. Maasi asks her to just listen well. Payal tells the problems by Tamsik food, we should have satvik food, that’s the fresh vegetables and fruits. Kanak falls and says I can’t do this more. Maasi says you have to learn a lot. Kanak crawls to her and says forgive me, Payal is right, see my mind failed and I m getting anger by Tamsik food. Uma signs to Maasi. Maasi says get up, Uma’s wife is very colorful. Saraswati and Suman smile.

Kanak asks Uma is he really from his word, I eat onion since childhood, I never heard onion is equal to wine. Uma says these rules can’t be broken. Maasi says Payal has become part of this world much time before, how did she break rule and ate onion, I understood this when Payal sat beside me, Kanak was caught because of you. Payal says sorry, I did mistake. Maasi says you did double mistake, to hide your mistake and being silent seeing someone else getting punished. Kanak says leave it Maasi, its matter of an onion. Uma asks her to stop.

Ved says how to contact Kanak, we have one way. Vansh says no, don’t involve police, her inlaws will be hurt. Ved asks how will we find her. The man comes and asks for pure ghee laddoos. Babasa tells him about the shop. Vansh says if customer does not get laddoos there. Babasa says no, Bhabho is making laddoos. He bets with them. Ved says you have to help us if we win, else you can have laddoos. Vansh goes to Bhabho and asks what are you making, you stopped making laddoos right. Bhabho shows laddoos. Vansh smiles. Bhabho gives him laddoos. He says I don’t like this. She says I know, one who likes would be waiting, have this, go. He gives her flying kiss. He goes. She gets a burn by holding hot vessel. She says there is a sweetness in this burn too.

Vansh asks how did you know Bhabho is making laddoos. Babasa says I heard bangles sound and understood she is making laddoos. Vansh says we also have a bond of 18 years with Kanak, there would be some way to send our message to her.

Maasi says you have to hold patience, you have to learn with sacrifice, dedication and patience, its much important for our family, if you break your tapasya, your husband will never return. Payal asks her not to say this, she can punish her. Kanak asks why did Maasi say such, I thought her husband went out of city for work. Maasi asks Uma to punish Payal. Uma says Payal will stay away from family for a day and just get boiled food, she will control her tongue then. Kanak asks Uma does anyone punish such. She thinks this is injustice, I will teach a lesson to Uma. She sees Payal crying.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak says woman is not an animal, Maasi how can you think so being a woman. Maasi says Uma accepted you, not family. Shiv says none can break Uma’s dhyaan. Kanak thinks how will it break, he did not get anyone before, now everything will break linearly.