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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th April 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The Episode starts with Uma telling importance of marriage. He says marriage was done in childhood, when you came to ask for Aditya’s hand, you said its Payal’s fate, we did not force you. Payal is our family member, breaking promise is against Dharm, its sin if a woman thinks of someone else when she is married, the woman who goes against Dharm has to bear Lord’s punishment, she is your daughter, give her right teachings, come to temple in evening for haldi rasam. He goes. Payal cries and says I won’t go temple. She hugs her mum.

Rani gives juice to Golu. Bhabho, Kanak and Vansh come from shopping. Rani asks Bhabho to invite Meenakshi and her in marriage. Kanak hugs Babasa and Meenakshi and says I m very happy today, there is a surprise for you. She shows the bor. Everyone smile.

Babasa laughs saying bor under the cap. Kanak says Bhabho made me wear it. They get surprised. Kanak says Kanak made me buy everything, my dream is getting fulfilled, I got my Bhabho’s love. Rani asks is this of gold, I will also get bor of gold. Meenakshi asks her to go and get water. Ved asks does anyone wear Bor with hoodie. Babasa says let her wear it, she is looking good. Meenakshi says I also have a surprise. Meenakshi sends Rani to work.

Daisa comes and says Meenakshi has said about getting a princess wife for Golu, did you get her, where is baraat elephant, how did it come from backdoor. The ladies laugh. Meenakshi says you all will get jealous when my Golu’s baraat comes, everyone will see, this is just maid, there is much work at home there are big arrangements, don’t worry, you all have laddoos for free. Daisa calls out Bhabho. Bhabho comes.

Daisa says you did not invite me, but Meenakshi told everything, Kanak will get married in 15 days, the rasam has to be done. Rani says sweets are tasty. Meenakshi asks how do you know. Rani says someone take my selfie, I will look clever, I can say sweet’s taste by seeing face. Meenakshi asks her to go. Daisa asks what did you think, Meenakshi did all arrangements, just come to do rasam. Kanak smiles. Vansh says your love dose is increasing. Kanak hugs Meenakshi and thanks her. Meenakshi says see what I do next, go and get ready.

Kanak gets ready and comes. The lady asks Bhabho to start the rasam. Bhabho does the rasam. Kanak smiles. Bhabho feeds her sweets. Kanak happily cries. Chote chote armaan hai dil ke…..plays……….

Bhabho applies her mehendi to hands. Everyone smile. Daisa reminds how much Bhabho danced in Sooraj’s marriage. Meenakshi says I will dance Ghumar in Kanak’s marriage. Babasa says I will play dhol, Kanak’s marriage will be grand like Sooraj’s marriage. Babasa plays dhol.

Meenakshi, Ved and Vansh dance. Rani takes her selfie. Golu goes to get in frame and falls. The ladies dance. Kanak makes Bhabho dance. Rani says I will get to have many sweets. Vansh asks are you very happy. Kanak nods and asks him to see, I just asked for Bhabho’s love, the family is celebrating together, it looks a dream. Daisa says congrats for Kanak’s marriage, Bhabho has to do many things, mehendi, haldi, sangeet and kanyadaan. Kanak asks about Kanyadaan.

Daisa says girl’s parents or elders give responsibility of daughter to groom, now Bhabho is your daughter. Kanak asks Vansh and Ved did they hear. Bhabho will do my kanyadaan, it means I will become Bhabho’s daughter. The guests leave.

Uma prepares for Payal’s haldi at temple. The ladies sing. The man asks Uma id Payal’s parents don’t come, I think we should use power. Uma says we should first explain by Dharm, if they go in Adharm path, then power can be used, they know the importance of Dharm, they will come. Payal and her dad come there.

Payal’s dad says I forgot Dharm thinking of daughter, then by Lord’s sign, I understood I m doing wrong, all inauspicious things are happening, Payal’s room roof fell down, then I understood Lord is punishing me for walking on Adharm, forgive me. Uma says no, did your wife not come. Her dad says he would be coming. Kanak also comes temple with Meenakshi and Vansh. Kanak thanks Meenakshi and says I m living my life’s best time, I m so happy. Meenakshi says I m happy seeing you. They hear Payal’s mum.

Payal’s mum asks pandit to give some solution, my daughter is innocent, Lord can punish me, nothing should happen to her. Kanak asks her why are you scared of Lord, Lord is like parents, can Lord punish children for mistake. Uma says when parents punish children, its for teaching. Kanak says relations don’t join by helplessness, relation is by love. Uma says heart has to get controlled, like we controlled our emotions and walked on Dharm path. Kanak says emotions should not be killed, just bless daughter and then see how her life’s problems end. Meenakshi says Sandhya used to stand for others in such times, Kanak looks like Sandhya.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meenakshi prays for Kanak and her life partner. The haldi falls on Uma and Kanak. Uma says the girl whose fate is related to this ring will get it. Kanak wears the ring.

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