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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak asking Paulmi about Payal’s husband, why did Maasi say he will not return. Paulmi asks why do you want to know this. Kanak says I m part of this family. Paulmi says being part of family and becoming a part of family has difference. Kanak asks why are you saying so. Paulmi thinks not to tell her that she knows everything. Kanak asks again. Paulmi says you want to know about Payal’s husband, come with me. She shows Aditya’s pic and says Payal and Aditya had child marriage, then Aditya left the house, he did not come back. Kanak asks about the marriage. Paulmi says Uma tried to find him, but did not get him. She tells everything. Paulmi says Uma did Payal’s Gauna with Aditya’s phone, Uma got her home, as Payal was Aditya’s wife according to Dharm, for Uma, marriage is unbreakable, person has to keep marriage, person or photo does not matter.

Kanak says its injustice, how can Uma punish Payal like this. Maasi comes and says its not Uma’s mistake, everyone has their fate. Aditya went from house, its Payal’s fate, but wedding happened, she has to do wife’s duty. Kanak says woman is not an animal to be tied, she has emotions, how can you think so being a woman. Our laws can’t believe such marriage. Maasi asks her not to put family respect at stake, Uma accepted her, not family, we are silent because if Uma, you have to earn respect. Kanak thinks the house is mad, they have made Uma the Lord. Uma buys medicines. Shiv asks Uma what will he do if new medicines aren’t good. Uma says we will not lose it. Shiv says Kanak and Payal are new, if they don’t obey house rules, will we make them leave. Uma says no, Kanak will adjust in some times, like she is born here.

Pavan asks Vikram did he order any gift for him. Vikram says I got remote controlled car for you. He gets the parcel. Pavan checks and sees weight machine. Meenakshi looks on. Vikram says maybe this is not our parcel, I will wrap it back well. Meenakshi taunts him for his mistake. Pavan apologizes. Meenakshi says you are a mistake yourself, its my parcel. Vikram gives her the parcel. Kanak goes to Payal and sees her praying. Payal says I did big sin, don’t know how I did such big mistake. Kanak asks what did you do, you are saying about eating onion, its not a sin. Kanak pacifies her. She says if Aditya has run away, you are not responsible. Payal says I m related to his name, atleast I have a reason, else I will go mad. Kanak cries hearing her.

Rani does aid to Bhabho. Babasa has sent her. Rani asks how did Babasa know your hand got burnt. Bhabho says you did not get married, you will not know. Rani says I want someone like me, I want someone who has heart like you and Babasa, not any good looks. Bhabho praises her. Kanak hugs Payal.

She says you said a lot in this small thing, its better to bear burden of my fate, than blaming others. Payal says you have understood me so well, did anyone blame you as well. Kanak recalls Bhabho’s blame. She asks Payal to have food and not think much. Payal apologizes to her. Kanak says this will go on, next time my mistake won’t be known. Payal asks will anything hide from Maasi. Kanak smiles and goes. She sees Uma and thinks you are a stone, you have punished Payal, now I will make you break rules and then you will be punished, I hope my face does not show what I m thinking. Uma sees her and goes. Shiv says I know what you are thinking, that Shiv would have told you about all rules. Kanak says we will start with few rules, tell me Uma’s rules. Shiv tells her Uma’s routine, when Uma does dhyaan, none can break it. She says if storm comes, will his dhyaan not break. Shiv says never. Kanak thinks Sadhan or rules, everything will break linearly.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak applies water on Uma. She falls and he holds her. Uma catches cold. Uma and Kanak have a talk.