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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Uma orders Shiv to puff beedis. Shiv starts crying. Kanak rescues him and tells Uma that Shiv is a kid and made a mistake. Uma blames Kanak that Shiv is following her and like she does not think drinking tea is wrong, Shiv does not think puffing beedi is wrong. Kanak says Shiv that beedi, cigarette or any other bad habit is not good for him. Uma continues yelling and blaming Kanak that she broke house’s rules by consuming tea and is continuing to break other rules, Shiv is following just her. Kanak angrily walks in. Suman taunts Uma that tea is more important to Kanak than his moral gyaan. Kanak returns and throws tea powder and takes oath that she will not have tea from today. Maasi and her team smirk.

Vansh tells Saras that he wants to protect her from humiliation and says her blouse hooks are open from behind. She hides back with dupatta. Vansh says it will not suffice and if she trusts him, he will fix hooks. She rushes towards washroom and gets into men’s washroom. Men scold her and run out. She comes out embarrassed. Vansh laughs on her. She runs away. Vansh then brings bouquet and choc s for her and thinks nobody must have said sorry like this till now. Saras’ friend tells him if it is for Saras, then it is of no use as Saras has left for her house.

Uma angrily grinds herbs in his lab when Maasi enters and brainwashes him against Kanak that things have changed since she came in and he needs to control her. Kanak sees Shiv clapping and plucking tulsi leaves. She asks what is he doing. He says Maasi asked tulsi leaves for herbal concoction and dadasa/Uma told trees sleep at night and they will feel pain if leaves are plucked then, so he is awakening plant and plucking leaves. Kanak thinks that Shiv does not do anything against Uma and follows all his orders, then how can he puff beedis, there is something else hidden behind it. She goes to her room and clashes with Uma. Their eyes lock. Diya aur Baat hum….song…plays in the background. Uma backs off. Kanak says she knows he is angry on him, but she she does not think Shiv can do anything wrong and his friends or someone else must have misguided him, and they need to find out at Shiv’s school. Uma says even he thinks same and repeats at once with her. Kanak says let us go to school before it closes. She walks out holding Uma’s hand. Palomi comes. Kanak leaves Uma’s hand. Palomi gives him a bag and says if he is going out, it has umbrella in it.

Uma rides cycle with Kanak on its pipe and praises Kanak that she sacrificed her tea for Shiv, Shiv is lucky to have bhabhi like her. Kanak gets down and says he does not lose a chance to taunt her. Uma says he is praising her. Their verbal nok jhok starts. Uma says it will rain, so let us reach home soon. She says when he starts praising her, he finds some excuse. A bike passes by and she hugs Uma and then gets shy. Uma praises her again that she fights for her right and wins, but when it is a question of Shiv, she sacrificed her most important hobby of tea.

Palomi cries in front of Maasi that Kanak has made a place in Uma’s heart and she cannot be taken out. Maasi says Kanak jus held Uma’s hand and her place is like Uma’s slippers, she will be left outside. She says she already showed Kanak her place by stopping her tea. She continues her plans against Kanak.

Rain starts. Uma asks Kanak if she will continue hugging him or will open umbrella. She says she forgot and searches her bag. Uma says it is on her shoulder. She says she was testing him. She opens bag and finds a residue in it and realizes it is beedi residue, that means Palomi misguided Shiv.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak drags Palomi and asks why did she trap Shiv. Palomi says someone ordered her to. Kanak asks who is it. Maasi says it is her. Saras drops her Radha Krishna book in lake while snatching it from her friend. Vansh jumps in to get it. Saras watches him.

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