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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak coming to see the yagya. She gets shocked seeing her pic. Tumne rishta jo banaya…..plays…. She thinks Uma’s dharm is great, it maakes im forget difference between a human and pic. Shiv sees Kanak and smiles. Kanak sits behind. Payal and her mum get away from her. uma sees Kanak. Kanak gets sad.

Mahant says now Shiv will sit in his Gurumaa’s lapt and have prasad. Shiv and Kanak smile. Mahant saays she can be anyone, it will be last ritual. Pandit says we can’t do this ritual, Kanak can’t be part of puja. Maasi says Shiv has another bhabhi, Payal. Payal asks me? Maasi says yes, you take this responsibility. Payal agrees. Payal’s mum says you are always ahead in fulfilling duties. Maasi makes her wear the necklace and says you have won my heart today. Shiv sits in Payal’s lap and does ritual. Kanak smiles. Uma looks on.

Meenakshi and Babasa are going in Rani’s marriage. Meenakshi says everyone show off the richness in marriage functions. She describes the girl she would get as her bahu. Rani and Golu’s marriage rituals begin. Uma makes Shiv wear Janiyo and tells him importance of Dharm. Maasi says now take blessings and Bhiksha from everyone. Maasi gives him Ganesh idol and blesses him. She asks him to become like Uma. Uma asks him to give more tests to become like him. He gives him a chain. Kanak gets surprised seeing it. Shiv asks Kanak what gift will she give him. Payal’s mum says maybe Kanak forgot this.

Pandit asks Rani and Golu to take seven rounds with seven vows. Golu says I promised mumma that I will marry by her choice. Rani asks him not to do mumma mumma. Meenakshi and Babasa reach the temple and climb stairs. Meenakshi says why is Rani marrying this way, maybe groom is someone wrong. Golu and Rani take the wedding rounds. Meenakshi says my Golu is Shravan Kumar. Rani ses them and makes Golu wear sehra. Babasa says Golu…. Meenakshi asks Golu? Rani says Babasa thinks any fat guy is Golu, I forgot giving medicine to him in morning. Babasa says but I had medicine. Golu worries. Meenakshi says my Golu will never marry Rani. Babasa asks her not to say this.

Meenakshi says my and Rani’s relation is like saas bahu. Rani tells Golu to think of her boss as his mum. Meenakshi says give permission to Rani to work in my house after marriage. Babasa asks is he mute. Rani says no, I will come for work, you are my mum, bless us that our married life goes well. They take blessings.

Shiv says its fine, your love is big gift for me. Kanak stops Shiv and gives a gift, same as Uma. Shiv smiles seeing it. Shiv sees same gifts by Uma and Kanak, and says you got same gift for me, it means you both think similar. Kanak and Uma see each other. Jo hai dard bhi preet bhi…..plays…..


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak says I know I can’t pass this test, we have difference in our thoughts, I will cook any food, tell me what do you want to eat. She names sweets. Uma says I think you have strong connection with sweets or sweet makers.