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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak applying pressure on Uma’s lip. She asks him to sit straight. He smiles seeing her. She falls sleepy. He sneezes. She cleans her hand and holds his lip again. His sneeze stops. He makes her sleep. He goes to sleep.

Uma takes a bath and comes. He sees her sleeping. He wakes her up and reminds Maasi’s rule. She talks to Vansh in sleep. Uma says you will be hungry like yesterday. She says thanks for telling this. He goes to get ready. She asks how did you know this. He says I found it out. She recalls her words. He asks what did you know, see don’t get them between us, I will be simple wife, really. He says I was joking, I did not try to find anything, I don’t even know your brothers’ names, you were saying in sleep, you can tell me if you want. She says you will never know that. She goes to bath. She says I will never let such dangerous man reach my family, till I make him simple, so that he doesn’t punish any girl like Payal.

Uma does dhyaan. Kanak sees him and says I woke up early, now I have break his tapasya. She takes his kurta and smiles. Maasi gets upset. Kanak asks what happened, I did everything according to family schedule, I woke up early and took bath also. Maasi says you did mistake to wash hair today. Kanak says Shiv was washed hair too. Shiv says this rule is just for women, and explains her.

Kanak jokes. Maasi says you are Laxmi of this house now. Kanak asks now Parvatasan again, if I did mistake, I will repent too. She does Parvatasan by herself. Shiv corrects her position. Kanak asks how do you learn all this in such age. Shiv says by Uma. Maasi tells them about self control. She taunts her bahus for mistakes. She says rules and control are important to protect life, you all are lucky to get an example of living rules, Uma, he strictly obeys all rules, he does not break any rule, he has become Kalyug’s Indrajit. Kanak smiles. Uma comes there and asks did everyone have hot water. Shiv says yes.

Maasi says Kanak washed hair today and did mistake, I liked one thing, she is repenting with devotion. He says its first sign of change. Suman laughs seeing lipstick marks on Uma’s kurta nad shows Saraswati. Maasi asks what happened. Kanak recalls Maasi’s words and how Kanak kissed on his kurta to leave lip impressions. Shiv asks what happened. Kanak thinks today Uma is gone.

Bhabho asks Vansh to go and sell junk papers. Vansh says its important to walk. Bhabho says you want me to go, when I have two grandsons. He says yes, you go. She says if the man comes home, he will give less money. He says its fine, our property won’t get less. She says I don’t have greed. Ved asks her what happened. Bhabho says he is not going to sell junk, he is sitting here with three tea cups, did you not go to duty. Vansh says yes, he is roaming here. Bhabho asks Ved to do her work. Ved says yes but… She asks what happened today. Pavan says I will go. She says no, you are very young, I can’t send you alone, we both will go, I think Vansh and Ved will change after marriage. Vansh says I gave sherwani measurements as well. She says they got mad and goes.

Vansh says Kanak will get our message and we will wait here till she replies. Ved says thanks to Babasa, we could send message to her without address. Suman jokes on Uma and shows marks to Maasi. Maasi and Paulmi get shocked. Uma asks what happened. Suman says its lipstick mark.

Shiv asks what’s happening. Maasi asks Uma to come along. Kanak laughs. She says Swami will get scolding right. Suman says yes, he makes rules and today he broke rule. Maasi scolds Uma. She says seeing you break rule, I feel foundation of this house got shaken up, I know you are newly weds, your wife is beautiful, but I explained you to stay away, you lost self control, everyone learns seeing you. Kanak hears them and says yes, Maasi scold him more. Maasi asks Kanak to come in.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak says I don’t believe in any Dharm. Uma holds her close forcibly. She says no, you said you won’t touch me without my permission. He says what’s wrong is such promises break.