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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Maasi asking Paulmi to keep an eye on Uma. She says I know you are worried for Uma, even I m worried, I don’t trust Kanak, beautiful wife is like enemy, person loses senses by seeing beauty, I trust you, you regard Uma as Lord, devotee does not want bad for Lord. Paulmi says you are right, but forgive me, I can’t go. She goes. Suman says if you want to send, I will go there. Maasi asks her to manage herself first. She goes. Suman says no one asks me.

Maasi goes to Kanak’s room and finds it locked. She says she is much clever, did she take potli along. Kanak thinks its good he went, his guru gyaan came to use, I should get someone’s phone. She goes and asks someone for help. Uma smiles and asks her to say, what help she wants. She gets surprised seeing him. She thinks I would have done big mistake if I asked for phone. She says yes, I was going to ask about boat riding, we will go for boat riding. Uma sings for her. He gives her flowers and gifts. Jadoo hai kya…..plays…. She looks at him.

Uma signs the people. They all go. Uma asks did you get surprised, there is much which you don’t know about me. She says yes, I never thought you know Malayalam, you can sing too. He says its strange, we both know this language, its Lord sign, you would understand Lord want to unite us. She thinks he started his philosophy again. She says you may have hidden more talents,I have to be careful now. He says one who hides something has to get saved, you are my wife, I did not ask you how you know this language, I have to respect your personal things, I will not hide anything from you, I want to tell everything, I give you right to ask or know anything from me, you can try and see. She thinks hero got emotional, what shall I ask, I can’t ask for shop, shall I ask how he got my Bhabho’s shop. She says I need some water. He asks what, water? You asked something for the first time and that too water. She says you gave me a lot. She coughs and asks for water.

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He asks her to take coconut water. She says no, I want just want. He asks her to wait and goes to get water. She thinks to call Arvind for help, there is less time left. She says this man became a riddle for me, he takes care of me, he keeps rules sometimes and then sings romantic songs, don’t know what he did to get Bhabho’s shop. Kanak sees a man with phone. She runs and borrows his phone. She calls Arvind. He asks where are you, whose number is this. She says don’t ask anything, I want your help, I m in big problem, I have to meet you, I have to give you Bhabho’s shop papers, I doubt its fraud. He asks her to talk to Ved, he is police officer and can handle this well. She says don’t tell anyone that I m in Kerala, I will meet you tomorrow on ghat. She sees Uma and hides. Arvind says I will surely come. She says I cam Kerala just for this work. She returns the phone to the man and sees Paulmi.

Kanak asks what happened. Paulmi asks her to say what happened, you said you came Kerala for imp motive, Maasi was right, you are laying some trap here, you can’t hurt Uma till I m here. Kanak asks why will I hurt anyone, that man’s phone fell, so I was helping him. Paulmi says lie, I saw you talking to someone. Kanak says yes, I found his phone by answering the call. Paulmi says fine, we will ask that man. Paulmi looks for that man. Uma comes and asks Paulmi you here, what happened. Paulmi says Kanak was talking on phone, she said she came Kerala for some imp motive, when I asked her, she lied. Uma sees Kanak.

Vansh sees the snacks and tries. Golu sits upset. Meenakshi looks on. Vansh praises samosas. Golu goes. Meenakshi says his heart broke, he is not even touching plate today, he will get lean in 2 days. Vansh says nothing will happen, Golu can’t get slim. Ved says don’t joke, he really looks sad. Meenakshi says girl’s family liked Golu, but they wanted to make him Ghar jamai. Vansh laughs and asks her not to believe such girl’s family. Ved recalls Payal’s parents and says some people believe inlaws more than themselves. Vansh asks what. Ved says nothing and goes.

Meenakshi asks Vansh to give some idea and help Golu. Vansh says idea, listen to me carefully, you said that girl is rich, ask them to buy Hanuman gali, then Golu and the girl will stay here. She thinks. He says I was joking, I will think something else. Meenakshi says he has much money, if he can’t buy Hanuman gali, he can buy a shop, he can buy Kanak sweet shop.

Kanak says sorry, I don’t have to say anything, Paulmi is mistaken. Paulmi says she is caught red handed, Uma knows I don’t lie. Uma asks Kanak is she saying true. He stops Paulmi and says I m talking to my wife. Kanak says you know Paulmi well, I have no way to prove truth. He says truth gives courage, I have a way to prove truth, many people got bitten by scorpions at the sea shore, if you are not wrong, step on the sea shore, you don’t need to be afraid. Kanak recalls Bhabho and Babasa’s words. She says I m ready to do this if this will prove I m true. Paulmi says you are a liar, you can’t do this. Kanak walks towards the shore. She sees the scorpions and takes a step.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Uma lifts Kanak and gets her from the sea waters. Paulmi looks on.

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