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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Maasi tells Kanak that this house runs on Uma’s drawn line. Kanak says house is run by its members and not by rules, she will bring changes. Maasi claps and says she liked her confidence, she wants to get a self-identity of woman, she shoud first try to change Uma’s religious thoughts. Kanak accepts challenge and says she will change Umas superstitious and rigid thinking and enlighten his life, she will get rights of every women in this house.

Saras’ friends taunt her that Vansh fell for her at love at first sight and risked his life to get hr book from lake. Kanak walks away and asks Bhabho’s friend if she saw Vansh. She says he must be on terrace. Vansh is busy giving moral gyaan to boys that brain controls body, but heart controls it and can do anything for love. Saras walks towards him. Boys comment his love is coming. Vansh proposes her again kneeling down and says this chance comes once in a life time. Saras thanks him for saving her book by risking his life, but according to her, it is attraction and nothing else, she will marry the boy her brother Uma selects and will love only her husband and thinking of anyone is a sin for her, so Vansh should drop his infatuation right here.

Maasi drops English medicine bottle on floor purposefully and picks glass strands. Uma walks in and asks what happened. She says she dropped medicine bottle due to age-related weakness and will clean it. Uma sees English medicine bottle piece and asks Maasi who brought it. Maasi says she brought it for didi’s back pain as she cannot see Didi’s condition. Uma says it is nonvegetrian ingredients and maasa followed satvik life always, he will not permit her. Maasi insists. Uma says he is ready to die but not change rules and walks away. Maasi taunts Kanak that she did this drama to prove that Uma does not like change.

Uma prepares herbal massage oil for maasa. Shiv brings it and drops by mistake. Payal scolds him and asks to apologize Uma. Uma says there is no need for that as Shiv dropped bowl by mistake and consoles Shiv. Shiv tells he troubles him, Kanak bhabhi, Maasi, etc. Uma asks what about Maasi. Shiv reminisces whole beedi incident and cries. Uma says he should learn from his mistakes and move on, he is a man and man does not cry. Kanak watches that and thinks she will change Uma’s thinking. She hits her foot to a flower vase by mistake and writhes in pain. Maasi sarcastically taunts to watch and walk.

Uma returns to his room and sees Kanak writhing in pain. He checks her foot and applies medicine. She smiles at him and says touching wife’s feet is against his culture. He says he is touching her foot as a doctor. She explains similarly as a doctor he should allow other form of medicines and bend his rule for Maasa’s benefit, a bit of changing rules for a better life will not harm them. Uma argues that holy scriptures are way to lead life and will never change his way. He asks her to get up and she slips. Their eyes lock. Serial’s title song plays in the background…


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak thinks movies can change people’s thinking, it will change even Uma’s thinking. She tells Uma’s mother that she is taking Uma for a movie. Uma asks Maasi to come along. Kanak thinks how will she take Uma for a movie.

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