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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Maasi asking Kanak to come inside. She says I told Uma to explain you, that you both have to stay away. Kanak says yes, but you said keeping a husband happy is wife’s duty, how would I refuse to my husband. She acts and sees Uma. Kanak says he knows more about Dharm than me, what could I do. Maasi asks what, Uma did this, I can’t believe this is true. Kanak thinks poor guy, he is keeping promise of not touching me and now getting scolded for touching me, he got helpless and can’t tell our promise. Uma looks at her and gets angry.

Kanak says I know he broke rules and did mistake, forgive him, he is yours, end this matter here, you said he is inspiration for everyone, everyone’s inspiration will end. Maasi says enough, you would have learnt rules and punishment are same for everyone, he broke rules and have to bear punishment. Kanak asks will Uma have boiled food. Maasi says yes. Kanak smiles.

Uma gets the spiceless boiled food. Kanak smiles seeing the food variety in her food. She thinks he should also know it now. Suman asks why does she look happy. Kanak says when we stay with family, heart pain has to be hidden behind smile, I m eating good food and Uma is eating Tamsik food. Shiv says no, its Satvik food. Kanak says yes, but its tasteless. She asks Uma did he keep food for Gaumata, else he will break another rule. Suman says I feel Kanak is purposely saying this. Uma keeps some food aside. Shiv also gives food. Kanak also keeps some food. Kanak says I will eat food and have fun. Maasi smiles and takes her plate.

She says husband and wife share happiness and sorrow, your husband is eating boiled food, how will you eat these 5 types of food, I know you are hiding sorrow behind pain, this is best way to share sorrow, you also have boiled food with him. Everyone smile. Kanak says you said right.

Uma waits for Kanak. She comes and says I had to eat boiled food because of you, I told many things today, did you not digest boiled food, you got punished today. He shouts enough, I can eat Satvik food all my life. She asks how can anyone eat boiled food all life. He says the matter is you made fun of a pure relation like marriage, for me marriage is like puja, showing it in cheap way is bad, you did wrong, why did you show that mark. Kanak says you made fun of marriage, you made Payal marry a photo, that person has no guarantee that he will come back.

Maasi goes to keep diya and asks Paulmi to see kitchen. Shiv says Uma is arguing with Kanak for some matter. Paulmi says let it be, they are newly weds, maybe its personal matter. Maasa rings bells. Paulmi asks Maasi to go to Maasa, she will put ghee in diya. Maasi goes.

Kanak says since a girl gets senses, she is told that she has to leave home, she makes a picture of her prince, she gets many hopes that guy will fulfill her dreams and love her a lot, can your brother’s photo do all these things, husband and wife take wedding vows, Payal gave vow to a photo, in which Dharm book is this written, what did Payal get, clothes and jewelry? A woman is suhaagan by husband, she just has photo, did you see Payal’s tears, if making fun of marriage is a sin, then you are the biggest sinner. He looks at her.

Ved and Vansh wait for Kanak’s call. Ved says she will call me first, she would have forgiven me. Landline rings. They fight to answer call. A man calls for a doctor. They laugh. Kanak says this Dharm is just show, I don’t believe this Dharm.

Uma forcibly holds Kanak. She says let me go. He says you look beautiful, let your hair loose, it looks good, this pure Chandan smell mesmerizes me. He gets close. He says this Kamarbandh is an ornament, but it looks like decorating itself in your waist. He holds her. Kanak says you promised me you won’t touch me without my permission. He asks what’s wrong if such promises break, you are my wife, your Dharm is to keep me happy. She stops him and says no, this will be against your Dharm, I don’t want to do this. He leaves her and gets away. She cries. He says you are taking Dharm’s support for your use, just now you were talking against us, this is difference between you and us, for me, its a way to walk on right path, Dharm teaches me patience, self control, discipline, my Dharm does not change my convenience, its my life, you are my wife, you are beautiful, we are in one room, even then I did not see you that way. I have always seen you with purity, as I was keeping my promise, I have control over my desires, Dharm gave me this strength.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uma says our identity is by Dharm, next time don’t say anything against my Dharm. Paulmi says Kanak could not understand you, sorry I heard you two talking.