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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ved orders his team to guard all tourists in Pushkar mela and all tourists are their guest. Officers leave. Kanak calls Ved and informs about police complaint against Uma and someone disguised as her filing complaint, so she needs police station’s CCTV footage. Ved says he needs 2-3 days. She thanks him. He says he will not help her if she thanks him again.

She smiles and disconnects call. Uma comes to her and apologizes. She says he already did. He says he doubted her as a husband is feeling guilty. She says it is not his mistake. He says let us sleep now as tomorrow is Saras’ sevika function. Kanak thinks she will change Uma’s thinking. Vansh thinks he will take revenge from Uma and will marry Saras. Saras prays god to let her forget Vansh’s love. Maasi tells Palomi someone will today and it should be them.

Next morning, Kanak decorates house. Uma sees decoration and praises Kanak that he is happy she is not opposing Saras’s sevika ceremony. Kanak hopes to change his mind. Uma asks her to promise she will not create any problem. Suman informs Kanak that her family has come. Kanak happily goes to living room. Bhabo, Babasa, and Meena enter with gifts. Maasi greets them and says they came here first time after becoming samdhis. Babasa says it is destiny.

Uma comes and touches their feet. Kanak hugs them and touches feet. Meena starts her jokergiri. Maasi asks where are Vikram, Golu, and Rani. Meena says they have a vast business and they are looking after it. Maasi asks where are Ved and Vansh. Meena says Ved is on duty and does not come home for 2-2 days and Vansh is out of station. Maasi comments when elders are working, it is youngster’s duty to take over, Bhabho is expert in explaining and should explain her grandson. Meena says she brought gifts for Saras. Maasi says it is Saras’s sevika ceremony, she is sacrificing worldly pleasures. Meena and Bhabho are schocked.

Suman serves saunf water to Meena. Meena thinks it is tea and happily takes it. Kanak signals not to. Meena tastes it and making weird face says this is not tea. Kanak says tea is prohibited in his house. Meena asks to bring cold drinks then. Suman says even cold drinks are prohibited in this house. Meena sees Saras coming with Palomi and Payal and reminisces temple incident. She asks who is this girl. Uma says she is his sister Saras. Meena says she needs to make an urgent call to her client and picks call. Uma says phone is prohibited in their house and she can go out and speak.

Meena goes out and calls Vansh, asks where is he. Vansh standing nearby says he came to Goa for mad girl’s treatment, he will return her bangles soon. Meena says there is no need for that as Saras is becoming sevika. He asks how does she know. Meena says she knows Saras is Kanak’s SIL and Uma’s sister, hits Vansh’s shoulder from behind. He ignores and asks where is she. She turns him and says she came to Goa to take back her bangles. He gets tensed. She asks what is the actual issue. He explains her everything and asks her to help him with her evil mind. She agrees. He asks to give his letter to Saras. She agrees. He says if he does not get Saras, he will die, walks away. She gets concerned.

Kanak informs Bhabho whole story and says she wants to change Uma’s mind and save Saras. Bhabho says she should not forget that she is Sandya’s daughter and should fight for justice. Kanak says she has organized Krishna/Rukmini drama to save Saras. Saras comes wearing bridal dress for ceremony. Suman asks her to think over again. Kanak says he does not have to sacrifice her life for a simple mistake. Saras says her Dadusa/Uma is her god and his order is final for her, she can sacrifice her life for his order.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sevika tells Uma that Saraswathgi’s pooja is in 30 minutes and they have last 30 minutes to spend with Saras. Kanak thinks how to change Saras’ decision in 30 minutes.

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