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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Uma explaining Kanak how Dharm gave him the strength to have control on his desires. Paulmi hears this. He says Payal has accepted to live this like, Dharm can’t be mended, Payal is my younger brother’s wife, marriage happened by her parents wish, who else can think right for child than parents, I m her brother in law. Its my right to secure her, if I did not get her here, she would have called a wife of the man who left her, she is staying here as Choti bahu, being a Bhabhi and bahu, she has her own identity here, would she get a place in society if she was not here, did you think anything, you will see world by the color glasses you wear, everything you don’t know is not wrong, Dharm is deep, it does not die or take birth, its true, Dharm’s identity is not by us, our identity is by Dharm, don’t point finger at anyone’s Dharm, don’t say anything about my Dharm again. She goes. He changes clothes.

Kanak thinks I should not let his words affect me, I have to focus on my work, there are some days left for Bhabhi’s shop registry on my name. Paulmi comes to Uma. She says I came to add ghee in diya, I did not wish to interfere in your personal life, so I came here. She thinks to get a place in his heart. She goes.

Uma talks to Shiv about maha yagya happening abroad. He tells importance of yagya, which gets many benefits. Maasi makes the kesar milk for Uma and asks Kanak to learn all this. Kanak asks her to add elaichi also, its for good flavors. Maasi says I did not know who knew all this. Kanak says its not your mistake Maasi, some people judge by clothes and language, I also got indian values. Uma hears her. She sees Uma.

Maasi asks Kanak to give the glass to her husband, her Swami, don’t forget, its your first rasoi. Kanak says I remember. She murmurs Swami does not need kesar milk. Shiv hears the music coming from the newspapers. They hear Vansh and Ved’s song for Kanak to get a sign about her whereabouts. Shiv says its a strange ad like someone is asking for some medicine. Kanak thinks Maasi made this milk for Uma, but someone else will drink this. Uma says no, someone has sent a message for their sister. He prays the guy’s message reaches their sister. Kanak goes.

Kanak sees Payal sitting alone and seeing Aditya’s pic. She recalls Ved asking her the problem. Kanak says I got the sugar for Bhabho’s shop, she got to know this and gave sugar to beggars. Ved says you tried your best, every try succeeds on time, smile now. She says I felt bad that sweets were not made in her shop today because of me. Vansh acts like Bhabho. Kanak and Ved laugh. They say we really felt Bhabho has come. Vansh says this is one of my talents. He talks like Bhabho and says my fav grandchild is one who cares for me a lot, ask for finding a nice girl for Vansh. They laugh. FB ends. Kanak smiles.

Kanak talks like Maasi and shocks Payal. Payal laughs and asks how did you learn this. Kanak says my brothers did good mimicry. Payal asks do you miss them. Kanak says leave it, now listen to me, your punishment is over, you had boiled food and stayed locked here, you have to drink this kesar milk now. Payal asks kesar milk for me, no way. Kanak says where I m there, anything can happen, this is the fruit of your patience, all illness of body goes away. Payal laughs and drinks it.

Kanak asks her to come out, its lovely weather. Payal says I can’t go out without asking. Kanak says wrong, I m elder, you have to obey Jethani. They laugh and go. Paulmi looks on. Kanak shows the beautiful nature. Payal calls her mad. Kanak takes her. Uma recalls Kanak’s words. Paulmi comes to him and says I know how will your restless heart get peace. Uma says I m busy in making medicines. She says come with me, I request. Kanak asks Payal to forget all tension and dip feet in water. Kanak reminds childhood play. Kanak sees Payal smiling and jokes on the aasan to relieve burden. Payal says you think I m mad. Kanak says no, I understand you well, your mistake is you accepted this as fate, you got caged, you have to come out of this cage, you have entire life, hug every moment, try and learn. Payal says I will learn as you are with me.

Kanak says I forgot its my first rasoi, I have to make halwa, don’t forget this aasan. She goes. Paulmi shows Payal happy and says your Dharm did not snatch her happiness, Kanak could not understand you, maybe she will understand with time, sorry I heard your conversation. He looks at her.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak cries hearing the musical message and thinks to make her message reach Ved and Vansh. She sees Uma. Uma asks where do you want to go.