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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Kanak And Payal In Trouble


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st December 2017Kaank follows Payal seeing her going out at night. Payal meets Aditya and gets into his car. Kanak gets into car dickie sensing something is wrong. Aditya drives car to goon’s den and says here their 20 lakhs. At home, jeweler brings jewelry and ask Uma for money. Uma asks Maasi to call Aditya. Maasi thinks where is Aditya, why did not he return yet. Jeweler says he will take money later. Uma says she will pay money and then take jewelry.

Aditya asks goons if they like girl, their 20 lakhs debt is cleared. Payal asks if he is selling her. He says when will wife come for help. Goons say girl is really pretty, they will collect al their debt easily and says Aditya’s debt is finished. Payal says he cannot do this, family will not spare him. Aditya says he is not a fool, he will create a story that she did not want to marry him, so she eloped with someone. Goons drag Payal with them. Aditya stops them and says how about earning some profit and opens car dickie. Kanak comes out of it. Payal asks how did she come here. Payal says she saw her going with Aditya in car, so she got into dickie sensing trouble. Goons says she is also very pretty and praise Aditya. Adita says he saw Kanak getting into dickie. Payal warns goons they don’t know who she is, she is IPS Sandya Rathi’s daughter and Ved Rathi’s sister, they will be in trouble if they don’t spare them. Goon points gun at Kanak and warns bullet with tear her body. He shoots. Payal shouts Kanak in fear.

Uma drives car searching Kanak and Payal. He sees a car in opposite direction and gets out of it. Car rams him and he climbs car. Car then throws him down. He slids and rolls on road. Vansh walks to him holding iron road. Uma asks what is all this.

Bullet hits wall. Goons laugh and warns Kanak if she tries to act oversmart, Payal will die.
Goons then take Payal and Kanak to brothel. They both get tensed seeing women dancing on loud music and ask which place is this. Aditya laughs and says it is a place where men get peace, it is a brothel. Goons give pr*stitute clothes to both of them and warn to wear it, else face dire consequences. Drama continues…


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Payal tells Kanak that she will dance wearing pr*stitute clothes, but after today she will not be alive. Kanak pleads not to harm herself. Ved stops Vansh and Uma’s fight. They hear Kanak’s voice on mobile calling Ved.

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