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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Paulmi getting angry thinking of Uma and Kanak. Payal says your hands got red, if you work hard, Uma will not let you grind churan. Paulmi says I did mistake, I have been quiet and worked hard, I have to reach same place that Uma says he trusts me more than Kanak. Bhabho says Kanak would have told me, I would have not done her engagement, seeing Ved and Vansh’s fight, I feel house shattered more. Vikram agrees and says Ved and Vansh’s relation is the one which has kept the house united. Meenakshi regrets whatever happened. Rani says you did not try more to stop Kanak. Meenashi asks her to go and give medicines to Babasa. She asks Golu to have cake. He refuses. Babasa refuses to have medicines. He says Rathi family used to happy before, now its divided like two shores of the river. Pavan looks on.

Pavan tells Ved that Babasa did not have medicine. He tells about everyone. He asks him to talk to Vansh. Ved says I know but…. Pavan takes him to Vansh’s room. Vansh sees rakhi and misses Kanak. Ved recalls their childhood moment. Ved apologizes to Vansh. Vansh says dear ones get forgiveness, everyone is not like Bhabho, what will you do when you have to choose between Bhabho and Kanak. He goes.

Kanak cries and says don’t know what’s happening at home, I want to end this soon, Vansh and Ved would have fought in front of Bhabho. Bhabho throws the tea cup. Kanak says sorry for hurting your heart Bhabho, I wish I could tell you truth. She hears someone shouting. Gabbasa says Govind tried to run away from Ladno, I caught him. The men apologize to Uma. Uma says Govind you came begging and took help from me, I gave you money to buy house for family, what did you go there. Govind says I did non veg business. Uma says you did Adharm and cheated me. Govind says I did mistake, take your money. Uma says I don’t want this Adharm money, you want me to take this, I want my house back. Govind says no, my family will break, pity me. Kanak comes and sees Govind begging.

Govind says don’t snatch my house, I have nothing else. Uma says pity is done once, one who does not value it, pitying him again is like provoking him for Adharm. Gabbasa gets papers. The men beg to Uma. Maasi and Kanak look on. The man’s thumb impressions are taken on the papers. Kanak recalls fraud done with Bhabho. The man says this house is mine now, you have made me its legal owner, vacate the house soon. The men leave. Gabbasa says one more matter is there, Kanak sweet shop, papers were lost, I got the papers, shall I go Pushkar and take charge of it. Kanak imagines Bhabho begging to Uma to get the shop. Uma says fine, go tomorrow. Kanak thinks never, it will be always be Bhabho, there is no cheat to cheat a fraud, its Dharm to fight for oneself. Maasi holds Kanak and asks what are you seeing Uma. Kanak smiles and says he has attraction, I could not stay away from him and came back. Maasi says there is much difference in your behavior, its your suhaagraat today, you can see Uma well, I can’t believe you were seeing Uma.

Kanak worriedly comes to room and sees the decorations. She imagines Uma and her. Uma asks her to come inside and stop acting shy, I heard you telling Maasi that my attraction got you here. He gets close to her. She shouts no and runs upstairs. Saraswati and Shiv stop her. Shiv asks her why is she running again. Saraswati asks why did you come back if you had to run.

Kanak says I came here today, but you two are born here, if I have to run, I will run by door. Shiv says you have run away by window that day, you don’t go by door. Kanak says I m not idiot to jump from high window, I came to have fresh air. Saraswati asks her to stay in peace, then they will stop guarding. Shiv says you got scared of someone and ran. They go. Kanak says Shiv is Antaryami. Uma buys flowers. Kanak says why is he buying many flowers, what will he do, it means Maasi said right, he is preparing for suhaagraat.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uma gets the flowers. Kanak sees Uma having bath. She says he is preparing more than bride, I still have time to think something.