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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Uma saying you can’t go out alone. Kanak asks what, I have to go. He asks where. She asks why are you asking me, did I ask you ever, did Shiv ji give you signs. He says no, I m coming along. She says there can be two reasons, either I m a prisoner or a guest, I m not any of it. He says the third and only reason is, the women don’t go out of house along. She says you are joking right. He says no, women are pure and should be inside the house, if Tulsi is inside house, its pure, if tulsi is outside the house, it becomes part of the jungle. She says I m not Tulsi or Parvati, when did I ask you to protect me. He says its a man’s duty to protect woman. She says I have stayed in hostel and studied, I felt danger when you kidnapped me and married, I m not any treasure, let me go now, move off.

He asks her to say where she wants to go. He stops her. She says let me go and pushes his hand. She bites his hand. He smiles. Teri mitti se alag hai……play….. She gets angry and sees him. She sees the teeth bite mark on his hand. She thinks I will go by hiding, I will break one rule every day. Uma goes. Kanak sees him gone and goes. Maasi reads Krishna katha and sees Maasa sleeping. She says I will go and see what’s Kanak cooking. She gets up and bell rings. Maasi stops and asks what happened, you are not letting me go today, sleep for some time. She gets up and bell rings again. Maasi says fine, I will be here, I told Kanak to tell Suman or Saraswati if she needs something.

Suman and Saraswati clean the sarson. Kanak says if Ved and Vansh were here, they would have pat my shoulder. She goes to cyber cafe. Ved says I think our idea failed, Kanak’s call is not coming. Bhabho says Sandhya never left duty and stayed at home, go for your duty. Vansh asks him to go. Ved says I will go office. Ved gets Kanak’s call. Kanak talks to them on video call.

Ved recalls making Kanak leave the house. He gets sad. Kanak asks Ved did he not forgive her till now, sorry please. Ved says you should forgive me. She says you made me leave from heart, not house. Bhabho hears her. Kanak says I have hurt your heart too, anger comes when there is love. Ved asks are you fine. Vansh asks are you happy with this marriage. She says I m happy, I have good tuning with you, this smile will be different, you will always be special. Ved says thank God, you did not change after marriage. Kanak says you have forgiven me, don’t know will I get forgiveness by Bhabho or not, I have annoyed her, did she say anything. Bhabho leaves..

Ved sees Kanak crying and asks are you fine. Kanak says yes, how is Meenakshi, Golu and Pavan, take care of them. Vansh asks when are you coming home. Ved says we will talk to your husband and call you for Pagphere, tell me when are you free. She says just 18 days more, then I m coming home. Vansh says now you will be coming with your husband right. She thinks no, I will come alone, getting Bhabho’s shop.

Ved says I thought Kanak will cry and fight, but all problem ended. Vansh says this happens in family, someone should take a step, its good Kanak is fine, all tension got over. Ved says we did not ask her husband’s name and inlaws. Vansh says we will get all details, she is coming. Kanak pays the man. He asks her to keep it. She asks what, is internet free here in Ladno. The man says no, he did the payment. She sees Uma and thinks how did he reach here, it means he has heard everything, he will find out its our shop. Uma smiles and says don’t worry, I did not hear anything, I did not come after you for this. She asks really, I know you don’t lie. He says its good, we started understanding each other.

He sees her going and says I can walk faster than this. Kanak acts and asks am I still safe. He says I m with you since you left from home, like your shadow, I managed everything what you did at home to leave. She asks what. He says you made everyone busy, but they did not get busy for long time. She asks so, did you tell truth at home. He says you don’t care, you are sensible and free, you explain them. She says yes, I m that but… He says you are afraid as relations’ Maryada will be hurt, like husband is like wife as shadow. She says so, none knows truth at home. He says I told you I won’t involve my family, I told Maasi we are going out and will come back soon, I don’t want them to know your rebel. She asks is going out rebelling. He says yes. She says women are doing so much, go out of Ladno and see. He asks her to sit on cycle, they have to reach home. She takes an auto and says bye, I don’t want to come home with you, think what to tell Maasi.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak cries and tells Maasi that she got scared in the strange city. Maasi scolds Uma for leaving Kanak in the market. Kanak smiles.

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