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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suman shouts that she heard Dadusa/Uma saw a movie with bhabhisa/Kanak and broke his rule. Rules should be broken for everyone and not only for Bhabhisa, he has dual biased rules. Maasi says Kanak came here since a few months, but Suman knows Uma since childhood, Uma always makes rules and follows himself first before imposing on family. Suman continues yelling.

Kanak says changing rules are good for family’s betterment. Suman starts again. Maasi says she just saw Uma breaking rules, but did not see him repenting. She takes them all out and show Uma standing on 1 feet and praying under dropping water drops from pot. She says water is dropping on Uma’s memory sectio of brain which will help forget what he saw. Common people cannot withstand pain, but Uma is habituated to all this. Kanak stands in a shock.

Saras’s friends ask Vansh to ask her daadi to send his girl’s pic. Vansh acts as calling Bhabho and getting pic on mobile. He acts as shocked and shows Saras’s photo. Friends are also surprised and says it is Saras. Saras gets shy hearing that. Vansh comes in front of Saras and she shies more.

Uma feels sorry seeing Uma’s punishment. Palomi asks that Kanak should be punished for her mistake and not Uma. Kanak tries to help Uma, but Maasi yells not to increase Uma’s trouble. She warns Kanak that she has to just follow Uma as a wife and has to lose her identity or lose this relationship. Kanak reminisces Bhabho telling Kanak should never lose her identity. Everyone walk away.

Suman goes to her room and looks at novel. Maasi enters and Suman hides novel. Maasi says she must be feeling bad seeing Uma self punishing himself, for Uma daadusaa is the sweetest word in the world, he feels like having sweets when his 3 siblings call him daadusaa, so they should never doubt their daadusa’s love. Once Maasi leaves, Suman looks at novel again.

Kanak tells Uma he does not have to self-punish himself for her mistake. Rain starts. She gets tensed that pot will never get empty this way. She stands on chair keeping her hands on pot and diverting water down. Pot water finishes. Uma opens eyes and sees Kanak diverting water closing her eyes and fully drenched. He asks her why did she do this. She says he is punishing himself for her mistake. He lifts her and says she considers herself as friend but follows patni dharma selflessly. Kanak shies. Their nok jhok continues and he drops her to room.

Kanak changes her dress and walks to Maasi’s room and sees her oil massing Uma’s scalp. Maasi says she is taking care of Uma since he was a child and Kanak need not worry about Uma. Kanak sadly walks back. She picks landline and calls Bhabho. Bhabho identifies her even before speaking. Kanak asks how did she identify her. Bhabho says Uma;s family sleeps by this time and only Kanak calls her at this time. Kanak says she tried to change Uma and each time Uma retracts back more like a rubber, she gets afraid that she is doing more harm to Uma trying to change him. She feels Gandhari did best by blindfolding herself instead of seeing adharma. Bhabho says if you close eyes, whenever you feel it is very dark, you should realize light is coming. Kanak then goes to sleep and dreams of Uma and herself walking blindfolded and Uma getting lost. She searches him worriedly, wakes up and thinks she cannot become gandhari. Drama continues.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suman tells Kanak that she lied family that she is giving 10th exam. Kanak says her fight is of every girl who is forced to forget her dream and identity. She tells Uma that women can do whatever men can. Uma removes his kurta.

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