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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak seeing Bhabho and putting all things in the bag. Uma asks why are you worried. She says I m feeling uncomfortable, I will go bathroom and make clothes fine, you give this bag to that woman and tell her she is doing good work. She runs and hides. Uma asks whose bag is it. Bhabho says its mine and takes the bag. She says you have given me support just now, thanks. Uma says I was just a medium, be careful, there is much crowd today. Kanak says I should be ready to act, Uma will ask why did I run. Uma says you don’t look of Ladno, can I help. Kanak say no, just leave. Babasa says you already helped us.

Bhabho says I got Vansh’s Dada for treatment, someone told me about a good Vaid. Vansh says everyone will not know about that Vaid, this guy looks like he will run to temple before hospital, don’t feel bad. Uma says I m Lord’s devotee, tell me that Vaid’s name. Bhabho says his name is Uma Shankar. Uma smiles. Kanak says I m gone, my family came here to get treatment by this Daku Singh, no this can’t happiness, they just got this Ladno to come and meet Uma, Bhabho he has snatched our happiness, my hardwork is going to get waste, I did not tell Uma about my family, today they are coming and meeting Uma.

Bhabho asks do you know that Vaid. Uma says yes, very well. Vansh says you surprised me bro, tell me where does he stay. Kanak says Vansh, go back. Uma says you are new here, I will take you to him. Bhabho says no, why to trouble. Uma says I m going that side, come. Kanak says he is playing a game, why does he not say he is Uma. Uma says my Maasi and wife are also with me here, we will drop you, come. Kanak says no, think of something, you have to stop them, I will call Vansh and say don’t go with this man, he is dangerous and that Vaid is also not good. She tries to borrow phone and lies that her husband is lost in crowd. She gets the phone and calls Vansh. Vansh answers. Kanak ends call and says what am I doing, Uma is not a good husband and good man, but he is a good Vaid, Babasa got a chance to get fine, he can get fine by Uma’s treatment, how can I snatch this chance.

Pavan sees Meenakshi upset. She sees him and scolds. Vikram looks on. Rani says stop, he is just a kid. Vikram holds Pavan. She sees his drawing and reads how he praised her. She says I m not your mum and tears the drawing. She scolds him angrily. Pavan cries. She asks him to ask his father who is his mum. She goes. Rani asks her to calm down. Meenakshi scolds Rani.

Gabbasa gets the auto. He asks them to go home. Babasa identifies Gabbasa and recalls. He says I have seen this man before, where did I see him. Bhabho says Vansh, we shall go to Vaid soon. Uma asks Gabbasa to get car repaired and come home. Kanak puts ghunghat on her face and comes. Maasi thinks she was happy to lift ghunghat, now she has come in ghunghat. Bhabho and Babasa see her. Bhabho says don’t say you identify her also. Babasa says yes, we saw them climbing temple stairs. Bhabho says yes, seeing you two, I recalled my children, your jodi is very nice, be happy. Maasi says think they are also your children. Kanak chants Ram name. Maasi asks her to remove ghunghat now if she wants. Kanak goes and sits in the auto. Maasi thinks what happened to her. Babasa says she is Sanskari. They all leave from the temple.

Vikram consoles Pavan. Pavan says I got to know Meenakshi is not my mum, why did you lie to me, who is my mum, how was she, where is she. Vikram says she was very beautiful, she loved you a lot. Pavan asks why did she leave me, my friends’ mum loves them, but I don’t have my mum. He cries. Rani comes to Meenakshi and thinks to do something. She massages Meenakshi’s head. Vikram makes Pavan sleep. He sees a pic and keeps under his pillow. He says today she is close, but not with you. Ved looks on.

Kanak sees Bhabho and thinks I was away from you all, today my family is close and I can’t meet you all, I m hurt to hide my face. Chote chote armaan hai dil ke…..plays…… Kanak starts getting hiccups. Vansh gives her water. Uma thanks him. Vansh says if person’s name is taken while drinking water, hiccups stop. Kanak refuses to have water. Bhabho says I feel she is missing Maayka. Vansh says she had to leave everything and come Sasural, how can anyone forget Maayka, my sister also got married, I miss her 10 times a day. The auto stops. Bhabho’s hand falls over Kanak’s hand.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uma says I came to ask will you wish to meet that family, they are also from Pushkar. Kanak says no, and thinks if he tells about Kanak sweet shop. Ved thinks even I want to know who is Pavan’s mum. He checks the pic and says Misri jiji.