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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 22nd April 2017 Full Episode Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Kanak pledging to get the shop back for Bhabho. She goes to buy ticket. Vansh calls her. She says I m fine, I told you 5 mins before, what will happen to me. He says I m worried, my tension alarm rings every 5 mins, I told to take me along, take my ticket, I won’t see your friend. She laughs and says don’t say this again, I m going on work. He says you changed a lot. She says I will call you after reaching, I can’t make many calls from workshop, take care. He says fine, I miss you. She asks him to take care of everyone and names. Vansh says and Bhabho too. She nods. He says I understand even when you nod on phone. She ends call. She buys the ticket for Uma’s village Ladno.

Rani sings and comes home. Meenakshi asks her to come on time, and what song is she singing, it it new movie song. Rani says no, I made remix of my fav. song and added Ladno village name. Meenakshi asks why. Rani asks don’t you know. Meenakshi says no. Rani says anyone take selfie of Meenakshi, she will look innocent, the groom’s family from Ladno made a Pushkar girl marry a photo. Meenakshi asks what’s this nonsense. Vansh says Rani is ahead in drama than Meenakshi.

Rani asks shallI show proof, my friend made video and send me on whatsapp, see. Ved comes downstairs. Vansh asks Ved to see the video, a girl is marrying a photo. Ved says I have no time for this. Meenakshi says we are free, just you are busy. Ved says I meant fake videos come on social media. Vansh says this is real video, you are policeman and should take action against this. Ved says I will take action when anyone complaints. Golu says see what’s the times, I got to know why I m not marrying, let’s see the girl. They all snatch for the phone. The phone falls near Ved. Ved gets shocked seeing Payal’s marriage happening with photo. Babasa comes and asks what’s in that phone. Vansh says its a girl’s marriage with a photo. Meenakshi asks Ved did he like the girl. Vansh says poor girl. Ved recalls Payal and worries.

Kanak gets down the bus. She smiles seeing the place. She says my motive is close, I have to reach it, I m adamant to reach you, you can play hide and seek. She puts water on her face. Uma passes by in car. The water falls on his face. Shiv asks what happened. Uma says nothing. Kanak takes dupatta. It flies to Uma’s face. She runs after car and takes her dupatta. She runs. He turns to see and sees her running. He says same Chandan smell…. Jadoo hai kya…..plays…… Kanak says I came to meet you from Pushkar, come in front of me. Uma says Ladno has Chandan smell, it seems she has come. He thanks Lord.

Daisa asks Bhabho to come with her, its Shivratri. Bhabho says there is no one at shop, I have to gp there. Daisa asks what will happen in one house, come with me, grandchildren don’t respect me, atleast you respect me. Bhabho agrees. Daisa says I know you can understand me, everyone is not lucky like you to get a son like Sooraj. Vansh looks on. Bhabho gets sad. Vansh lifts her and says Sooraj’s son is also your Shravan, you tell me, I will lift you and take you to roam in Pushkar. Bhabho asks him to leave her, else she will not talk to him. He puts her down and says now tell me that I m also your Shravan, I agree to you. She pats his face and says none becomes Shravan like this, its not just a name, its an example, when I did not call Sooraj, he used to come running and ask me to say, today’s generation is not such. Vansh says I don’t understand this. She says my Sooraj used to understand everything, whether I say or not, he used to see my face and understand, there can’t be anyone like my Sooraj. He hugs her.

Kanak thinks Bhabho never said but I will end her problem. She says I will take my Bhabho’s shop. She hears people talking about Uma Shankar’s marriage. She says anyone would know that old man. She asks a lady to help her, as she is finding someone. The lady asks name and address. Kanak says don’t know. The lady asks how will you find him. Kanak describes him. The lady asks her to see the men around. Kanak says no, its not him. Kanak sees everyone has big moustache and says this is Moochistan. The lady says you won’ find him this way, go home. Kanak says no, I have to find out. Paulmi is at perfume stall. Kanak says her lines, reminding whose daughter she is. She hears Paulmi, saying I won’t go without taking what I want. Kanak asks are you finding something. Paulmi says yes, are you also finding someone. Kanak says I m finding a person, I don’t like his name and address.

Paulmi says I was finding Chandan perfume. Kanak sees the bottles and picks it. She says this is your Chandan perfume, your find was close. Suman says this is her problem, she just waits. Kanak asks Paulmi not to delay in doing things, it was just one bottle, anyone would have taken it. Paulmi says you are amazing. Suman says Uma is also one, this girl won’t come to help me. Paulmi says I can help you. Kanak asks you. Paulmi says I mean Uma can help you. Kanak says everyone is talking of his marriage. Paulmi says yes, its Uma Shankar’s marriage today, you can also come. Kanak says how can I come in anyone’s marriage without invitation.

Paulmi laughs and says Uma Shankar’s marriage means Shiv and Parvati’s marriage. Kanak says Lord’s marriage. Paulmi says its Shivratri, we keep all wedding rituals, its all fun. Kanak says wow, everyone comes there, wish me I get that man there. Paulmi blesses Kanak meets the man she is finding. She goes. Kanak says I have to meet Uma Shankar now, to save Bhabho’s shop. Uma prays and smiles.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :The lady asks Uma about his Parvati. Uma sings Kanak Sundar Uma ki dulhaniya…… to describe his bride. Kanak comes to temple and collides with him. She falls. He holds her and sees her.

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