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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kanak reads book sitting in lawn. Maasi sees that and snatches book and yells that woman’s duty is to clean house and prepare food. Kanak says he does all that without telling, reading book is her hobby. Maasi throws book angrily. Uma comes and looking at book says she is reading women empowerment book, women have to follow just duty and cannot question. He tears book. Kanak tries to take back book and her dupatta catches fire. She shouts for help. Vansh dreams about it and wakes up worried. He calls Kanak’s landline. Uma picks it. Vansh asks to call Kanak. Uma says she is not around, he can tell what he wants to. Vansh says it is important. Kanak comes. Uma gives her phone. Vansh asks if she is fine. Kanak says she is fine and asks how did his shagun go.

Vansh gets tensed and asks who told u. Kanak taunts her a bit and says Meena kaki told he was asking about shagun items and ask Vansh if he found a girl. Vansh says he found and girl and will see her reaction when she will meet her bhabhi. Kanak says she and Uma will dance during his wedding. Uma says she can talk later as she has to establish gath pooja. Kanak disconnects call.

Sangeet dance practice starts at Saras’ friend’s wedding. Friends insist Saras to dance. Saras says she cannot dance without her dadusa/Uma’s permission. Vansh thinks he has to marry Saras in her friend’s wedding mantap itself before any issue arises. He sees truck coming and comes under it. Saras’ friend informs that Vansh met with an accident. She runs to Vansh and sees him in a pool of blood injured. Vansh says he is going now and says his dream is to marry her. She says he will not die.

Suman is busy studying for exam when Kanak walks in and asks how to establish gath pooja. She explains her everything. Kanak walks out silently taking Suman’s exam hall ticket. She sits in front of god’s photo and says she will act as not knowing ritual and prove that she is educated by books and not by sanskars, she will ask Suman to tell whole ritual and then reveal everyone that she is studying 10th standard and education has nothing to do with sanskars. She finishes establishing gath pooja wrongly and shows it to Maasi. Maasi yells she established it in wrong direction. She says Suman taught her this. Maasi calls Suman who says it is wrong direction and establishes it and then does pooja chanting shlokas. Kanak reveals that Suman is studying 10th standard and she knows all pooja and shloks, so education improves one’s mentality. Uma yells women should be just educated till 8th to calculate home expenses, not more than that. Kanak argues that if a boy is educated, he uplifts 1 family, but if a girl is educated, she uplifts 2 families. Maasi argues that she got educated and is using wrong ways to prove her words, she does not want anyone to be like her. Kanak confronts, but Uma shouts enough, his decision is final. Drama continues.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uma punishes Suman for studying 10th standard and orders she cannot go out of house for 2 months. Suman confronts Kanak that she hates her now and does not trust her. Kanak over phone informs Bhabho whole story, Bhabho suggests her to think like Uma and change his thinking. Maasi hears that and thinks she will change Kanak’s thinking instead.

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