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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with everyone starting their routine day at 4am. Maasi says maybe Uma was thanking Kanak for good halwa all night. Shivam says one min is enough to thank. She asks him to read Ramayan. Kanak comes. Shiv sees her and says she got tired hearing thanks all night. Kanak greets Maasi. She says don’t you think everyone is getting up early at this time and being puppets, we all are sleeping and just seen awake. She asks Shiv how many fingers are these. He says four, but we have five fingers related to five elements.

Kanak thinks I will miss Shiv after I go. Maasi says you will also get habituated to wake up at Brahmamahurat. Uma looks for his clothes. He finds the clothes much stiff by starch. He thinks what happened to all clothes. He gets Kanak’s message on a shirt. He reads, you want to hear sound by chaining other’s feet, wear stiff clothes and hear the sound all day. He says this girl is very opposite, I can’t believe what she does anytime, she is mad.

Kanak asks Maasi can she have a cup of tea. Shiv asks tea? Kanak says yes, I have tea every morning. Saraswati says tea is form of intoxication, you won’t get it here. Kanak asks tea too? Shiv says Uma says alcoholic things make person’s body hollow. Kanak thinks Uma will forget everything by what I did. Maasi asks Kanak to have milk. Kanak asks milk at this time. Payal asks her to have Gaumutra. Kanak says no, milk is fine. She waits to see Uma. She says some sound is coming right. Shiv says maybe of Koel. Saraswati says no, its temple bhajan sound.

Uma calls out Maasi and says what is coming in front of you, don’t think its disrespect. Uma comes to them. Kanak and everyone get shocked seeing him in just a towel and shawl. Kanak thinks he came in towel instead starch clothes. Shiv says you look a builder today. Maasi asks how did you come out like this. Kanak thinks he got to know about the clothes. Uma shows the clothes says because of this. She asks will he tell everyone now. He says maybe Kanak did mistake and added starch to it. Maasi asks don’t you know which clothes to give starch. Uma says its not her fault, I told her to give starch to my kurta. Maasi says she should know undergarments are not given starch. Uma says this should be washed again. Paulmi says I will wash it. He says no, my wife will wash it, its her right to do her duty towards husband, will you do this Kanak.

Maasi asks Kanak why is she surprised, she is doing all duties well, you have to learn from mistakes. Uma says teach Kanak to remove starch, she will be washing my clothes from now on, its necessary to learn things.

Meenakshi asks Golu to have fav pastry. Golu sees someone in phone. She asks what are you seeing, that you don’t like the pastry made by me. He shows the halwa pic. She asks who has sent. He says Bijli has made this halwa for me and sent me pic. She likes the halwa. She says she is some rich man’s daughter and drops the pastry. She says I was worried will she take care of you or not, now I m sure she will take care of you, Bijli should come in our house, you also give her gift to show you are rich. She asks him to gift costly saree to her, call her to some good hotel and propose her. He asks how to send her. She asks him to ask her address. He clicks saree’s pic and sends to Bijli. Rani checks the saree pic and gets glad.

She reads his message and smiles. He writes he wants to meet her, send the address. Meenakshi asks Rani to get cleaning mop. Rani asks her to clean it herself. Meenakshi asks Golu to see Rani what is she saying, I will see her. Rani says I will write Rathi sadan, but no, I can’t call him here, I will give address where my sister Manju works. Golu reads the address. Meenakshi says that colony is very rich, Laxmi is coming home.

Maasi says husband and wife’s relation is such, just Uma can get Kanak on Dharm path, I m proud of you, wash clothes 2-3 times by water and then iron it, starch will get away. Uma smiles. Kanak sees him. Maasi says pitrapuja mahurat is at 8am. Uma says all newly weds take blessing of elders, so that our married life gets successful. He gives the clothes to Kanak. She goes.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uma asks Kanak to clean clothes well. Kanak washes clothes and says you will get answer soon. Maasi thinks Kanak can’t do such foolishness. Kanak asks Uma to do puja alone, as her clothes got torn. Uma holds her hand.

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