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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th April 2017 full episode watch online on

The Episode starts with Vansh and Bhabho coming to temple. Vansh asks why did you get me here. She says person gets wishful life partner on Maha Shivratri, Gauri Maa got Shiv ji today. She does the rituals. Vansh asks her if he can ask something. She asks him to show. He asks do you think Parvati ji wanted a husband like Shiv ji, they had much differences, Parvati was a princess and lived in palace, while Shiv ji stayed on Kailash Parbat, he was a yogi, they had no match, Parvati would have adjusted a lot after marriage. Bhabho says yes, they were very different, but they had true love relation.

Uma is in temple. Kanak comes there. Bhabho says the relation with true love becomes immortal. She says that’s why, every unmarried guy and girl pray to Shiv Parvati to get a good life partner, this day is celebrated as Maha Shivrati, you should also pray. Vansh goes to pray for Kanak, that Kanak gets such a loving life partner, they should have trust and love, Kanak should not adjust in life, my devotion is true, please accept my prayers.

Shiv and Suman are also at temple. The ladies see Uma and talk to him. They ask Uma when will he break his Brahmachari, he is near 30 years now, will he marry when he turns 50, someone should hold Uma’s hand. The ladies ask Uma to see the pretty girls and decide. Saraswati says Uma should get someone equal to him, none can manage him. Suman says except you Paulmi. Paulmi smiles. Uma says I m not an animal that I need to be managed. Saraswati and Suman tell about Shiv and Parvati’ jodi. Kanak walks there.

Uma says come, its time for yatra. The ladies ask Uma to say how will be his dreams’ Parvati, tell something about her. Suman describes his bride. Uma thinks of Kanak. Saraswati also tells the qualities finding in Uma’s bride. Uma thinks of Kanak and smiles. He says the girl who is written in my fate will come in front of me with Chandan essence. Paulmi drops the Chandan perfume and picks it. Suman says you said right. Paulmi smiles. Uma thinks Lord chose that girl for me. The lady says we wish Uma gets his Parvati today, its auspicious day. Uma thinks destiny can bring her today, as she has come to Ladno. He asks them to come for Shiv ji’s marriage, its time for baraat. Uma sings Kanak Sundar Uma Ki Dulhania and dances. Paulmi plays dhol. Uma’s sisters and other ladies dance. Kanak walks in between the crowd. Paulmi smiles seeing Kanak and goes after him. Kanak comes near Uma. He turns to see her. He takes the sindoor in hand. Kanak slips and falls. Uma holds him. The garlands fly in the air. Sindoor falls on Kanak’s forehead. The garlands fall in Uma and Kanak’s neck. Uma gets shocked seeing her. Paulmi, Saraswati and Suman see Uma and Kanak. Shiv Parvati ki shaadi hai….plays……..

Paulmi gets sad. Suman holds her. Kanak says I m sorry, I got a push by mistake. Uma stares at her. Kanak murmurs he is just staring at me. She thinks why is everyone seeing me like this, as if guy and girl never collide. She thanks Uma for saving her from falling down. The people gossip that Uma’s eyes did not bend low after seeing this girl, its first time, the sindoor fell on this girl’s forehead, Uma has got his partner, what shall Uma do now according to Dharm.

Uma recalls the earlier meets of Kanak and him, when he could not see her, but just felt her presence. Uma thinks I know what I should do. He calls Shiv.

Maasi tells Shiv ji’s story to Maa. Shiv runs to Maasi. Maasi asks him to talk in low tone. She asks what are you doing here. He asks her to come along. She says I can’t come. He says this time, its imp. He tells something in her ears. Maasi asks the man to call Payal. She tells her sister that she will come soon, Payal will be with her. Payal comes. Maasi asks Payal to sit with her sister, and goes with Shiv.

Ved is on the way and recalls Payal. The man tells Ved about Uma Shankar’s fair in Ladno, people do Shiv and Parvati’s marriage, why are you going there, does your relative stay there. Ved scolds him. The man says you look angry as if you are in love.

Uma tells Maasi that he got the things related to the same girl, even in Kerala. He says I got attracted to her always, she has worn your ring too, I controlled my heart and thought she will come to me when Lord wills, she came in front of me on this Shivratri day and we got tied in this garland. Maasi says what can I say, everyone knows Ram just loves Sita and Shiv just got attracted to Parvati, this girl is made for you, so maybe you were bachelor till now, I will talk to that girl and take your proposal, she is lucky to get you, I will get you married to that girl tonight, don’t get too happy, I can see your happiness. Uma smiles.

Kanak thinks everyone will come in Uma Shankar’s marriage, I can see everyone standing here. She asks pandit about the marriage. Pandit says yes, everyone will come in Uma Shankar’s marriage. She thinks to catch that man by staying here. Uma takes bath. Kanak offers help to pandit. Pandit says no one is allowed here till Uma Shankar’s marriage is completed, you have to go. She says sorry and goes. Paulmi sits upset. Suman asks her not to worry, this marriage won’t happen, that girl will not say yes to marry any stranger. The lady says why will any girl refuse to marry Uma Shankar, she will be lucky.

Maasi stops Kanak and sees her ring. She asks whose blessing did you take before leaving. Kanak recalls Bhabho and asks what do you mean. Maasi asks do you know Uma Shankar. Kanak recalls Paulmi’s words that Uma Shankar means Shiv and Parvati. She says I did not know before, but got to know after coming in Ladno. Maasi says he is one in a million, will you become Uma Shankar’s Parvati. Kanak asks what do you mean. Maasi asks do you agree for this. Kanak says no, I don’t want to, I came here for some other work. Maasi says just you can become Parvati, you are lucky. Kanak thinks she is saying about the play. She says I m ready. Maasi says you will be proud on your decision. Kanak thinks I will sit in marriage by Parvati’s role and will find that man, who got Bhabho’s shop, I can do this to get Bhabho’s shop.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uma asks Shiv ji is this the girl who is written in my fate. Shiv asks will that girl say yes. Maasi says Uma got a beautiful bride. Kanak says you are saying as if real marriage is happening, this is marriage drama right, I don’t agree to this alliance. Uma dressed as groom gets shocked.

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