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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho saying my heart is saying your Babasa will get fine by Uma’s treatment. Kanak says its strange Bhabho, you came to the same man for treatment who has snatched your shop. Vansh says we can’t trust him so soon. Bhabho says you won’t change. Uma asks Babasa to answer his questions. He asks about his family members. Kanak cries and prays that Babasa does not take her name. Uma asks his wife’s name before he names Kanak. Babasa says I can’t forget wife’s name, its a mantra for happy life, her name is Santosh Rathi.

Babasa asks are you married. Uma says yes, last month. Vansh thinks even Kanak got married last month. Babasa asks love marriage. Uma says I fell in love and then everything got arranged by Lord, my wife’s family could not come. Vansh asks did you elope and marry. Uma says no, there was some reason that they could not come. Babasa says its good if everyone attends marriage. Vansh thinks Kanak also did love marriage and we all could not attend. He asks Uma his wife’s name. Uma says Kanak. They get shocked.

Kanak gets tensed. Vansh sees Kanak’s pic. Kanak says no, why is Vansh showing his phone, is he showing my pic, Uma will know everything. Vansh says one last question. Uma says sorry, mobile use is not allowed here. Vansh says it means none uses phone in your house. Uma says no, it has harmful effects. Bhabho says yes. Vansh says its strange. Uma says I understand, my wife Kanak also thinks so, I gave her name Kanak, its not her real name, when she understood the benefits of my rules, she adapted to it. Vansh asks what’s Brahmamurat. Bhabho says you will not change. Uma says time around 4am. Kanak thinks I have to do something. She collides with Suman.

Suman asks why do you look so worried. Kanak says I just came here and goes. Suman tells Maasi that Kanak was standing outside Uma’s clinic, don’t know what test Uma is taking. Maasi says Kanak’s behavior changed, let me think something to find out. Uma gives medicines. Bhabho asks will he get fine. Babasa says yes, she is not content. Uma says happiness is biggest medicine, he is lucky to have entire family, you can come when medicines get over. They leave. Kanak looks on and cries.

Chote chote…..plays….. She collides with Suman. Suman’s phone falls. Kanak asks how did you get mobile phone. Suman says I got this from friend to listen songs, you can throw this, free me from this. She gives her phone and goes. Kanak looks around and says I can talk to Vansh once. Suman and Maasi look on. Suman says we can know what’s in her heart. Maasi says we can know what’s in her heart, if she calls her family once.

Meenakshi tells the past to Rani and cries. She says my daughter Misri could not bear Vikram’s illegitimate relation with other woman, she did not tell anyone and committed suicide. She cries. Golu asks her not to cry. She says I can’t forgive Pavan, he has snatched Vikram and Misri. Ved says this reason did not come out in front of everyone, Misri did not marry, we did not hear that she was in love with someone, then this child, are Vikram and Bhabho silent to hide this family’s respect. Golu consoles Meenakshi. Meenakshi says I miss Misri a lot. Rani cries.

Uma comes and asks how did you get this mobile, whom were you going to talk. Uma says mobile use is not allowed here. Maasi says he should have come later. Suman says Kanak will tell my name. Uma asks Kanak to answer, why did she break the rule, hiding phone is wrong. Suman says Kanak is hearing scolding when its not her mistake. Maasi says yes. Uma says you broke this house’s rule, I was praising you in front of the guests. Maasi comes and says Kanak has changed according to this house. Uma asks what. Maasi says she is disturbed since she came from temple, something is troubling her.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maasi says I have seen the world, there is something. Payal says nothing came from your Maayka. Maasi asks Bhabho and Babasa to bless Kanak, she does not have Maayka happiness.