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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Uma tells Kanak that ladies are like a bird. They do not deserve good behaviour. Men do not need to give ladies any explanation. That is how they stay in control of men. Men should just rule women and keep them in their limits. Kanak is shocked and saddened. She says he’s comparing his wife with an animal? Uma says he’s not saying this. It’s written in shastras and they are never wrong. She says she doesn’t know what he read, but from what she has read.. she says some sentence in shastras language and then explains that God comes only where ladies are respected. Puja and all is useless if ladies are not respected. Maasa is trying to get up. Kanak says she learned this from book that he gifted her. Uma says she can twist words as she wants, but he’s not going to be changed. If she wants to stay with him, then she will have to follow his beliefs. She says, but.. He says enough, no more arguments and questions. This house will follow rules as it’s been following. Those who try to break will be punished. He leaves from there. Massi smiles.

Later, Kanak complains Maasa for Uma. She asks how it is possible to live with him. She tried her best to show him right and wrong, but he’s very stubborn. Why he’s behaving like this. Which self-respected girl would be able to take all this? He’s very bad. She cries. After trying a lot, Maasa finally speaks up. She says “she is bad”. Kanak gets happy and says she will call everyone, but Maasa stops her. Kanak asks she wants to say something? She asks her to try. Maasa keeps saying she’s bad. Kanak asks who? She takes everyone’s names and asks Maasa to blink when she takes right name. Maasa blinks when Kanak takes Massi name. Other side, Massi shows her evilness. Kanak tells Maasa, so she knew Massi is bad towards her? Maasa says she’s bad for everyone.. Uma. Other side, Massi shows her bad intentions for Uma too. Kanak says what this family has done to her? Uma takes her as his God. Kanak tells Maasa not to worry and decides to expose Massi to everyone and also find out why she wants bad for this family.

Later, phone rings. Kanak picks up. Ved says he has arranged CCTV footage and asks her to meet up. Kanak is going. Uma asks where she’s going. She says she doesn’t feel like telling him. He stops her and says ladies can’t go out alone in this house. Uma calms herself down as it’s important to get that footage. She says she wants to go temple. He says she still can’t go alone.

Kanak comes temple with Payal and Shiv. Ved and Payal recall their previous meetings. Both can’t stop looking at each other. Kanak introduces them to each other. Kanak then sends Payal and Shiv inside. Kanak sees the footage. It’s revealed that it was Palomi who filed complaint against Uma. Kanak wonders why she did that. She filed complaint with Kanak’s name, wore her clothes, jewelries, and even signed like her. Ved asks whose that. She tells him about Palomi being part of Uma’s family. Ved says it’s crime, they should get her arrested and truth will come out. Kanak says no, it’s family matter. She will see. Kanak asks about Saras. He says Bhabho is taking care of her. Vansh is angry, but he’ll have to accept her. Ved gives pen drive to Kanak with full video and leaves. Payal seems to have heard everything.

When they return home, Massi is scolding Palomi and asks her to leave the house. Kanak, Uma ask what happened. Massi says Palomi filed complaint against Uma being Kanak, so she could get Kanak out of the house. Kanak wonders how Massi found out what Ved told her just few minutes ago. Uma asks Massi. Massi says when inspector said someone from family filed the complaint, she had someone finding out the truth. Uma asks Palomi why she did this. Palomi says she was helpless. She was threatened. Uma asks who threatened? Palomi takes Kanak’s name. Kanak is shocked.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak tells Massi that she’s a poison. She’s biggest enemy of Uma. Uma gets mad at Kanak. Marrying her was his biggest mistake. He throws her out of his home. Vansh comes there.

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