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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bhabho blesses pallu dorn Kanak and says she brought only one sweet box. Uma Shankar says it is okay. Maasi says anyways maika’s happiness is not written in their beendni’s fate. Babasa look silently. Kanak emotionally cries under pallu. Ungli pakdi….song..plays in the background. Vansh calls Bhabho. Bhabho gives her tiffin box and blesses again to be happy and prosperous. Babasa says Maasi that they felt nice meeting them and if time permits they will visit again. Bhabo heads towards door. Kanak runs and touches her feet. Bhabho looks at Kanak repeatedly and gets into car with Babasa and . Song continues playing.

Kanak runs to medicine room and excitedly opens tiffin box and looking at aloo sabji happily munches it saying she loves Bhabho’s prepared extra hing sabji, she must have prepared it for Vansh bhaiya. Uma comes. Kanak gets tensed seeing him and trying to ward off his anger says he will scold her now that this is not the right time to eat and not the right place. Uma says daadi from Pushkar came here and brought her blessings, sometimes it is okay to eat at wrong time and wrong place, but not always.

She relaxes and says she will remember. She starts munching again and asks if he came here to scold her. He gives medicine and says he made it for Pushkar patient and thought of giving her also. She asks if she has memory loss. He reminds her that she is giving Lakshmi rooopeshu exam and has only sometime left. He goes to bathroom. Kanak thinks he is right, how will she pass exam. She tries to open medicine box. Uma returns and says lid has to be twisted and not pulled up. She says oh. He reminds her that she forgot about exam. She asks to give her some idea. He asks her to clean room as she messed it up. She argue, but then thinks he is right. He says at least she agreed to his idea. She walks saying their ideas cannot match at all, but then cleans room. He from bathroom says if that is the case, then why she accepted her idea and cleaning room. She sees Bhabo’s bag and thinks it will save her now.

While waiting for bus, Bhabho remembers that she left her bag with tiffin in Uma’s house and says Sandhya beendni made it for her, she cannot leave it. She asks Babasa and Vansh to leave in bus, she will come in next bus. Vansh says it is just a bag, she can get another one. She says she cannot leave Sandhya’s gift like that.

Kanak prepares bag’s replicas and thanks Bholenath ji for blessing her and giving her idea to pass Roopeshu Lakshmi exam, she got mamma’s bag and she got an idea, Bhabho unknowingly accepted her as family member.

Babasa asks Bhabho to forget it and think she blessed Uma’s wife with that bag. Bhabho agrees. Vansh praises Babasa and says he will take tips after marriage how to handle arrogant and adamant wife. Bhabho beats him with umbrella and he runs around. Babasa says this place’s kachoris are family. Vansh goes to bring kachoris.

Kanak comes to Uams room, knocks bathroom door and asks to come out, she got an idea to pass exam. He gets out of bathtub and asks to wait for 10 minutes. She says his daily routine will start and reminds whole day’s routine. He says she remembers his whole day’s routine. She says no and opens door., gets shy seeing him naked and closes eyes. He comes out of bathroom and asks to open eyes. She does not. He asks what she wanted to show him. She shows bags and says he can replace them with wooden medicine box as they are more economical. He says even environment friendly. She nods yes and continues explaining closing her eyes. Serial’s title song continues in the background. He smiles looking at her face.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak buys bangles and vendor tries to dorn her bangles. Uma stops him and says he does not like a stranger touching his wife. Kanak gets tensed seeing Vansh. Vansh walks towards her.