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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Uma and Kanak coming for the puja. Saraswati and Maasi compliment Kanak. Kanak asks shall we start puja. Maasi says no, let second jodi come. Payal comes holding Aditya’s pic. Uma says we are going to do pitra puja here. Uma and Kanak do the puja. Payal does the puja with Aditya’s photo. Kanak looks at her. Maasi blesses all of them. Kanak takes Payal to the pond to relieve their sorrow. Payal asks Kanak does she not like the anklets. Kanak says I feel its chain in prisoner’s feet, its like locking my freedom, I read in papers that Japanese girls are made to wear small shoes, so that their feet is small, they don’t run away, there is less difference between chaining someone as lover or servant. Payal asks are you not happy here. Kanak asks are you happy, till when will you stay here with the photo. Payal says its true Aditya is not here with me, but I got a family, I m not alone.

Kanak asks do you mean you are living for family, if this was the case, why would any girl dream of a prince. Payal thinks of Ved. Kanak says there is no meaning of inlaws without husband. Payal says maybe Aditya comes back. Kanak says your husband has left you, you have hope that everything will get fine, this is not fate, but an illusion, you have surrendered yourself in front of it, don’t you realize you are doing big mistake.

Payal tells about Uma’s words. Kanak asks did Uma say all this to you, he is very clever, he made you suhaagan without husband, and me… Kanak explains Payal that her hope will shatter. Uma gives treatment for a man’s son. The man praises Uma. He tells Uma about the movie Sita aur Gita. Uma asks what, is this any movie name. The man says yes. Uma recalls Kanak’s words.

Uma asks about the movie. The man tells about him Sita and Gita’s contrast characters. Uma says we will talk about this in detail later. Kanak thinks to answer Uma, he crossed limit by making me wash clothes. Maasi gives Uma’s clothes. She says Uma is going out. Kanak says fine, I will keep his clothes, are you going along. Maasi says I will go later, I have to be with Jiji. Kanak thinks its great, Uma will be away for one day. Maasi says you can talk to Gabbasa if you have to tell him about Uma. Kanak says nothing. Maasi thinks Kanak did not feel bad to send Uma away, how is this Sita who is not tensed to send Ram on vanvas, she is cooking something, I will get her secrets out. Rani tells Bhabho about her meeting with badal.

Rani feeds her sweets. She shows the saree sent by Golu. Bhabho says this color will suit you. She says this looks from our shop. Rani says its from Meenakshi’s shop, think he can buy the entire shop when time comes, Meenakshi will be shocked knowing her maid is wearing costly saree. Bhabho says you pray that badal accepts you. Rani says the credit goes to you, if Kanak knew you have such ideas, she would have never eloped and marry.

Kanak goes to Uma’s medicine room and reacts like Uma, making fun of him. Kanak takes some medicines. She sees alcohol bottle. She says it means Uma uses alcohol in medicines too, its good, it works as medicine and intoxication, Uma will know me soon.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak says I want to go with Uma. Kanak asks Uma to run away from here, and gives Ved’s number. Payal gets shocked. Kanak falls in Uma’s arms. Music plays……