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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Uma asks Palomi who threatened her. Palomi points at Kanak. Kanak is shocked. Palomi says Kanak warned if she does not obey her, she will trouble whole family as her brother is in police and can send whole family to jail. Kanak asks when did she say. Uma asks Palomi to continue. Palomi says Kanak told she wants to save Saras at any cost and asked her to do this, but her plan failed and Saras obeyed her Dadusa instead. Kanak says Palomi is lying. Maasi says why will Palomi lie. Kanak says if she has to do something, she will do openly. Palomi says she asked same, so she told she will tell she was apply herbal paste to Maasi and use Maasa as evidence. Maasi says they will not mistrust their bahu, so Palomi who is a guest should leave this house. Palomi says she will go, but she never thought bad about this family, Kanak always lied like today she lied that she is going to temple and instead met her brother. Uma says Palomi is lying, Kanak went to temple. Payal says she saw Kanak meeting her brother in temple.

Maasi does her trick and hugging Kanak murmurs she plays her game 2 steps ahead, says she always considered Kanak asks her daughter, why did she do this. Kanak says truth this Maasi planned all these games and used Palomi in her plan, truth this Maasi is a poison for whole family which is spoiling whole family slowly. Truth is Maasi is trying to act as Uma’s mother, but she is Uma’s biggest enemy. Uma angrily throws lamp and shouts he tolerated Kanak’s lies till now, but today she is alleging her gold like Maasi. Kanak says he is misunderstanding. Kanak says he did a mistake of considering Kanak as a signal of Shivji, but Kanak is Shivji’s signal towards bad, Kanak made family fight and do so many mistakes. He will accept today that marry her thinking as Shivji’s signal is his biggest mistake and today he will correct his mistake by throwing away adharmi Kanak from his life and this house. Palomi and Maasi get happy hearing that. Uma holds Kanak’s hand and drags her out of house, shouting he will throw her out of this house.

Vansh comes and holds Kanak and asks if she is fine. Maasi and Palomi get tensed seeing him. Vansh says Bhabho told he is wrong that he married Saras by trick and Uma is kind hearted instead, but he knew after temple incident wicked Uma would do something wrong, so he came here with Saras. Kanak says Vansh that he is misunderstanding. Maasi says Kanak that Uma has disowned her now and she does not have place in this house. Saras confronts and asks Uma how can he do so wrong to bhabhi, he was not like this. Uma shouts that he performed last rights of Saras already. Vansh claps and says he already warned Ladno’s Kohinoor if he troubles his sister, he will trouble his sister. He holds Saras and pushes her. Uma runs and holds her and asks if she is fine. Vansh comments Uma performed sister’s last right, but did not sacrifice his feelings for her.

Maasi takes Saras in and brainwashes Uma that Saras did wrong under Vansh’s influence, so he should forgive Saras and accept her back. She tells Vansh to take his sister from here. Vansh says he knew this family will stoop so low some day and says Uma he will take his sister from here but after getting her divorced. Uma says he does not believe in papers and believes in relationship of hearts, but if Vansh is insisting he will divorce Kanak. Vansh shows divorce papers and asks to sign them. Kanak asks what is it. He says divorce papers and says legal proceedings will take 1 month, so Kanak will stay here for 1 month and Saras will stay at his house for 1 month till final proceedings. Kanak and Saras stand shocked while Palomi and Maasi smirk.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uma says he disowns Kanak by body and soul. Kanak sees Palomi applying her sindhoor and stops her. Palomi says Kanak stole her sindhoor and snatched her love. Kanak says she is stealing someone’s husband. Palomi says Maasi knows about her love for Uma sinc the beginning.

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