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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vansh hides seeing Uma and wonders what he’s doing there.

Kanak tells Massi that Massa said a word after so long. They both are very happy. Massi credits Kanak for it. Palomi is upset. Massi tells Kanak that she’s a Devi.. she did magic. Massa will get fine and be able to walk. Kanak says absolutely.

Saras’ friends suggest her to start buying stuff for her marriage too. Vansh is dying to marry her. Saras says she feels like going to meet Uma and tell him that he chose right partner for her. Saras is looking at clothes. Uma spots her and thinks she went to marriage.. what she’s doing here. By time he reaches her, she disappears. It turns out Vansh pulled her on a side. She asks him what he’s doing and asks him to leave her.

He thinks he has to keep her away from her Uma. She doesn’t approve closeness before marriage, but he doesn’t leave her. Uma leaves thinking he misunderstood. Vansh finally lets her go. Saras is upset. Vansh apologises her and says they should leave now. He has some work.

Palomi is angry. She throws stuff around. Her inner voice laughs at her and says one day she’ll be thrown away same way. Her inner voice provokes her against Kanak that one by one, everyone accepted Kanak. Nothing belongs to her here. She didn’t have anything, she doesn’t have anything, and she won’t have anything. She is a zero. Palomi screams that she is not a zero. She won’t let her love go. She will snatch away everything from Kanak. Her pain will give her happiness from today.

Vansh is going to his car with shopping bags. He bumps into Uma. Vansh says he came with his friend for shopping and asks what about him? Uma says he came to buy a gift for Kanak, but can’t find anything. He asks him to suggest something. Vansh says a mobile. Uma says, but you know.. Vansh interrupts and says when you gift someone, you look at that person’s interest, not own. He leaves. Uma looks at mobile store.

Meena complains despite having a daughter-in-law, she has to do all work. Rani is awaiting lottery result as she bought a lottery ticket. Meena checks newspaper and Rani has won lottery.

Palomi comes to Kanak’s room with a piece of glass in her hand. She loosens up the screws of mirror hanging on wall above bathtub. She says it can fall anytime. She now has to send Kanak there.

Kanak thanks the Goddess for being on her side. Kanak turns and bumps into Palomi and Kanak’s dress gets dirty from mehendi. Palomi suggests her she should wash it off and apologises her. Kanak says she didn’t do it purposely. It’s fine. She leaves. Palomi says mehendi’s stains will go, but stains that are going to come on her beauty.. won’t go.

Kanak comes to her bathroom.

Palomi is searching for some papers. She finds it and Kanak has signed papers that say no one will be blamed if something happens to her in this house. Palomi says it will come to her use.

Uma comes. Palomi hides papers. She sees gift in his hand and says someone gave him gift. He says no, he brought that for Kanak for what she did today. She makes face and says very good. He asks where Kanak is. Suddenly we hear Kanak’s scream.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uma and Palomi come to bathroom and ask Kanak to open the door. Uma was about to break it and Kanak opens the door.

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