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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vansh tells Uma that his sister will be in Uma’s house for 1 month like a guest and Saras will be at his house in his house until divorce proceedings are completed. Kanak asks what is he telling. Maasi says let him say what he wants, enough of Kanak’s tricks, let Vansh take his sister home, Saras made a mistake and they will punish her in their own way. Uma says only 1 month and not even 1 day. Vans hays not even a second and warns if his sister is troubled even a bit, he will not spare Uma and his family. Maasi and Palomi smirk.

After sometime, Uma divides room. Kanak asks what is he doing. He says dividing room, she has to stay on the other side. Kanak says he is being brainwashed, why can’t he see that. Uma shouts enough, he will not listen anything. Palomi brings water. Uma asks to keep it on table. Kanak stops her and says it is wife’s duty and she is still here. Uma says he asked Palomi to do his chores like before. Palomi keeps water on table and leaves smirking at Kanak. Kanak asks Uma why can’t they live in peace. He stops her from crossing border and says they will stay like strangers for 1 month and he will not listen to her a bit as she lost trust, he hates her now. He sleeps on the other side of floor. Kanak walks away angrily saying enough of drama now, it is time to confront face to face.

Vansh and Saras reach home. Saras asks to freshen up while she serves food for him. He angrily asks if she did not see what happened in Ladnu, they will be divorced in 1 month. She says whatever happened does not matter to her, she is his wife. He gets intimate and asks to follow wife’s duty now. She hesitates. He asks what happened now, her family just blabbers and acts.

Palomi wears bridal dress and picks sindhoor to apply on her forehead when Kanak enters and stops her and warns she cannot apply sindhoor without marriage. Palomi says she loves Uma and will apply his name’s sindhoor. Kanak says she cannot when she is alive. Palomi says she prays Uma and when everything was going right and she was about to get him, Kanak interfered and spoilt her plan, she hates Kanak to the core. Kanak reminisces Palomi and Maasi’s heinous plans. Palomi says now she will get her right at any cost and tries to apply sindhoor again. Kanak pushes her hand and sindhoor falls on Kanak. Kanak says even gods gave judgment, Palomi is trying to snatch someone’s husband and she will be called a keep. Palomi shouts she loves Uma even since she did not know what love was and Maasi knows everything. She curses the day when she invited Kanak to temple for Uma Shankar’s celebrations and reminisces the incident. She challenges that after 1 month, she will snatch sindhoor from Kanak and will be Uma’s wife forever. She tries to wipe Kanak’s sindhoor when Kanak holds her hand and confronts even after living in a house which follows dharm and shastra, she does not know the meaning of sindhoor, she does not know that she cannot eye on someone’s husband once married. She walks away while Palomi stands frustrated.

Kanak walks to her room reminiscing Uma’s words and sees him sleeping. Someone enters house silently and walks towards Maasi’s room. Kanak comes out to drink water and finds main door opens and closes it. She sees steps towards Maasi’s room and goes to inform Uma.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Maasi scolds a man why did he come at this time. Kanak informs Uma that she saw footsteps towards Maasi’s room. Uma says these are man’s steps. Maasi worriedly says Uma is coming this side. Uma opens door and stands shocked.

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