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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Uma rushes to Kanak hearing her scream. Palomi goes behind. Kanak doesn’t open bathroom door. Uma was about to break the door and just then Kanak opens the door. She says she slipped on soap. Palomi looks in and mirror is still intact. Kanak struggles to walk. Uma lifts her and puts her on the bed. Palomi gets jealous seeing this. Uma massages Kanak’s feet. He asks how is pain now. She says same as how it was because he massaged on wrong feet. Both laugh.

Palomi storms out and wonders how screws got tightened. Who did all this. Massi comes and says she did. She asks Palomi what she thought that she will get closer to Uma by doing this? In fact Uma would get closer to Kanak and that is what happened. Kanak got hurt and Uma went a step closer to her. If anything had happened to her, then he would spend his whole life alone. If she did this to attack on Kanak’s beauty, and had anything happen to her or she becomes handicapped, then Uma would become her ghulaam for whole life.

Uma is still massaging and now her pain is gone. She says why worry when she has him. She sees gift and asks what that is. He says it’s for her because she explained to him importance of Suman’s studies. She asks what’s in it. He says something that connects one to the world. She is wowed. He says Vansh said him this. She asks why he didn’t bright him home. He says he asked, but Vansh was in hurry and couldn’t come. Kanak thinks she knows why Vansh didn’t come.

If he had come, then he could have seen how Uma is changing. Uma asks won’t she look at gift? She takes it and opens it. It’s a book. She asks whether this was Vansh’s idea? He says no, he asked to buy a mobile saying it connects one to the world. But from his perspective, knowledge can connect one to the world. This book will also help her understand his thinking and his religion. He asks how she liked the gift? Kanak hesitantly says, very good. She wonders how she will read that book (Shiv and Shakti).. will she even understand anything?

Palomi says she can’t see Kanak getting closer to Uma. Her wounds keep increasing. Massi says same with her. Palomi says, but you called her a Devi? Hugged her. She thought Massi accepted her. Massi says words can’t tell you feeling.. her mission is still same. Little wait and all this drama will end. Massi asks her to wait till morning. It’s time for Uma and Kanak to get separate. Tomorrow will be Kanak’s last day.

Suman comes to Kanak’s room. Kanak says seems like her exam went very well seeing her happy face. Suman says yes and now only 1 exam is left. Uma says he will help her prepare for that. Kanak tells them about Massa speaking a word after years. Uma and Suman are very happy. They go to Massa.

Rani and Golu celebrate lottery win. Meena faints in shock. Bhabho asks Rani how her numbers came right in newspaper. Golu says she made lottery ticket based on numbers that came in newspaper. Meena says her intentions are not bad. She just wants to change Meena’s views for her. Now she will think Rani is rich and will give her bahu’s respect. Bhabho says it’s not that easy. She is Meena.. anything can happen.

Uma sits besides Massa and kisses her hands and hugs her. Kanak and Suman are emotional seeing that. He says Massa seems much better than before. It’s like a miracle. He will change Massa’s medicine from tomorrow.

Next day, some strange voice comes. Uma asks all ladies to go inside and lock the room. Kanak jokes whether some goon came there? Uma says it’s not time to joke. Someone’s comes in a palanquin. Kanak asks someone got married? Who comes in palanquin these days. Massi asks her to be quiet. It’s Swamiji. He comes out, but stays behind a curtain. Kanak asks who is this.. that whole house got shaken and that person is not even coming out. Massi says it’s Swamiji, he stays away even from women’s shadow. Palomi thinks so this is Massi’s plan. Uma welcomes him and says he did shuddhi-karan (cleaned) of house. Kanak hears and says are women insects or something? Massi again asks Kanak to be quiet as Swamiji will leave if her voice reaches to his ears. Swamiji comes out of curtains. Uma takes his blessings.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uma gives out strict restrictions to ladies. Kanak opposes him saying Gurus should bring positivity. Uma says he won’t hear a word against Swamiji.

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