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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Shiv’s New Maths Teacher


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th March 2018 Episode Start With Meera breaks mobile. Uma asks whose phone did she break. Meera says Shiv’s. Shiv asks why. Meera says he is still small for phone and she knows he took Maths tuition via mobile. Shiv reminisces Kanak helping him in maths via mobile. Meera says she has hired a permanent teacher for him, so he does not have to take external help. Suman says last teacher ran away in 3 days. Meera says this time he will not run.

Aditya walks in holding file and doing his jokergiri. He sees Maasa on herr feet and taunts miracle…if he knew she can stand, he would have brought her football. Uma warns to shut up and asks how dare he is to enter his house, he is office employee. Aditya says he with professional work itself and shows Kanak’s resignation papers. Uma asks what is it. Meera shows papers and says Kanak’s resignation papers, she has resigned from her govt job. Aditya shouts shut your mouth and says dhoti bro wants to say this and says glamorous bhabhbisaa tught a nice lesson to chipkali/lizard Kanak. Aditya’s jokergiri continues.

Shiv shows fake lizard and snake to Suman and says he will shoo off new teacher within a day, only Uma dadusa and Kanak bhabhisa can teach him. Suman says Meera is their only bhabhisaa. Teacher enters in joker’s attire and entertains Shiv on Tara Tara Ram Pamp Tara Rara Ram Pam…song. Meera asks who is this. Servant says Shiv’s new teacher. Meera says this is called teacher. Teacher removges joker mask, and everyone are asked to see Kanak. Kanak says she is Shiv’s new teacher for 1 year showing K and U’s contract to Meera. Meera tears contract and says she is relieved now.

Kanak says her company makes such a foolproof contract, just like she cannot remove Aditya without prior notice, either employee or employer has to give 1 month prior notice before resigning or terminating contract. Meera stands fuming. Kanak says now she will be here 24 x 7 teaching Shiv. Shiv says he liked this teacher a lot, thank you Meera bhabhisa for hiring Kanak bhabhisaa. Meera gets more jealous. Kanak says she is going to guest room and leaves smiling.

Meera fumes in her room. Uma says she should not have taken Kanak lightly, she forced Kanak resign from job, now Kanak entered her house full time. Meera says her problem is his problem. He ask what she will do now. Meera walks into Kanak’s room. Kanak says she thought rich people have manners, but she mannerlessly entered room without knocking.

Meera says this house is hers and she can enter wherever she wants to. Kanak taunts she forced her to resign, now she entered her house 24 x 7, what she will do. Meera tries to slap shouting she is trying to lure her husband. Kanak pushes her hand and asks how will she protect her husband now. Meera challenges to kick her out soon. Kanak accepts challenge.

Meera meets Aditya and asks if his plan will work. Aditya says he is expert in it. She shows her usual arrogance and walks out. Aditya thinks Uma is so lucky to have such spontaneous wives, how will the third one be.

Arpita calls Kanak and scolds that she did not expect resignation from her, she is Sandhyaa Rathi’s daughter who used to face any situation and never backed off. Kanak tells her plan and says Meera herself will cancel her resignation bending her head in shame. Arpita asks Bhabho knows about her plan.

At Rathi house, Babasa reads news paper while Purab presses his feet and others busy in their chores. Meera walks in. Bhabo stops her and says last time, she entered house in lieu of her item, now what she wants. Meera says Kanak has entered her house instead to lure her husband, how shameless she is.

Bhabho warns to control her tongue, she permitted Kanak to resign job and take Shiv’s teacher’s job, now Kanak will be at Meera’s house to teach her a lesson, Meera tried to use Kanak’s family, now Kanak will do same. She continues that Kanak will not eye on other’s husband, but if she is confident of her husband. She gives ash and asks to smear it on her husband’s face, then Kanak or any other woman will not look at him.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Meera asks Uma to dorn necklace in her neck. He does. She kisses him and asks Kanak how is it looking.

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