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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Uma and Shiv take blessings from Guruji. They then wash his feet and carefully wipe. Kanak finds it very strange. They drink that water. Kanak is disgusted. Massi says that water is sacred now from washing Guruji’s feet. They all will have to drink it. Uma says he’s lucky to have Guruji at his place. Kanak can’t see Uma working like a slave. Massi tells her Uma is a devotee, not slave, and asks her not to look outside like that. Kanak says fine and while turning back, her ghungroo gets stuck in a curtain and makes noise. Guruji hears it and gets angry. He asks Uma is that how he will welcome him? Does he have to remind him that he stays away from women’s shadows. He says he can’t stay here now. Massi tells Kanak not to move her hand.

Shiv apologizes saying Kanak is new, so she doesn’t know rules. Uma also apologizes and asks him to calm down. If he leaves, then it will be a shrap for him. Guruji says he will have to repent for his mistake. He will give him one chance as he’s a good follower. He will have to touch his nose on Guruji’s feet and apologize. Kanak is shocked. Uma does it and says same mistake won’t be repeated. Guruji forgives him and asks him to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Guruji goes to pray.

Saras is doing mehendi in her hands. She’s asked if she wants any name. She says no. Her friend says even Uma has given permission, so she can have her hero’s name. She still says no. Vansh comes and tells Saras that Uma has given her hand in his and she is refusing to have name in mehendi? Saras now agrees to write his name in mehendi. Vansh sees an insect on Saras’ back and he moves it. Saras gets upset and leaves. Vansh follows her. She says she told him in market too, she doesn’t like him touching her like that. He can’t do that before marriage. It’s a sin. She will have to take bathe again. Vansh thinks what a strange family. Little touch and she went to take bathe. He then gets an idea what if something more happens, she might just marry because of guilt.

Meena refuses to believe that Rani won lottery until she gets that money. If this is a lie, then she won’t spare her. Golu and Rani wonder from where they will arrange 10 lakh rupees. Just then Bhabho comes and gives them money. Rani asks from where she got so much money. Bhabho says it’s Meena’s life savings. Rani and Golu say no for using that money because if Meena finds out it’s her money only, then she won’t spare them. Bhabho says she will handle all that.

Uma and Shiv bring Guruji to his room. Uma says this is most quiet room. He won’t have any interruption. Guruji says it can be a mistake if happens once, but if happens again, then it’s a sin and he doesn’t stay where sins happen. Uma says he will explain to Kanak. Uma and Shiv leave.

Kanak tells Massi that Guruji must be in his room now. She can remove her hand from curtain. Massi says no until Uma comes. Uma comes and look at her hand. He frees it. Kanak asks who is this Guruji? and why he is doing so much for him? He came so sudden as well. Massi says she called him. Uma says no one will make any noise, looking at Kanak. Kanak says she didn’t do it purposely. Her bangles has ghungroos so noise will come. Uma asks Suman to take everyone’s jewelry and put them in safe. Kanak raises objection. Uma says no bad words against Guruji.

Massi says since Guruji has come, she has been talking like that. She asks him to explain all rules to everyone, so they don’t do any mistake again. Uma says no one will go anywhere near Guruji. Kanak says what is this? He don’t like women, so lock women in rooms? She too doesn’t like many people, will he lock all of them in room? Women are not ghosts that something will happen to him. Uma tells her to listen rules. No women will wear any jewelries. Kanak says so women will pretend like a widow? Uma says she can keep husband sign and remove other jewelries, especially with ghungroos. Next, no talking loud. Kanak says Guruji should bring positivity and he’s making them mourn.

Uma says her to do what she’s told. Next, no women will was their hair and keep them open. Kanak asks now what’s problem with hair? Uma says so hair doesn’t fly to him. Kanak says better have curfew. Uma says last and most important, he won’t hear anything bad about Guruji. He asks Shiv to give water to everyone in which they washed Guruji’s feet. Everyone drinks and leaves. Kanak is last to get. She thinks if Guruji has problem with women, then why should they drink that water? She doesn’t drink it and puts it in a plant instead.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Palomi spreads something on floor near Guruji’s room. Massi tells Kanak that Uma will have to face Guruji’s anger again. Kanak goes to clean floor. Massi tells Palomi, if any woman goes in front of Guruji or Guruji’s eyes come on any woman, then she has to sacrifice everything including herself. While cleaning floor, Guruji and Kanak see each other.

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