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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Uma asking Kanak to have sweets. He asks her to share it. She says no, I will have later. He says you have to eat one. Kanak shouts no, and ends imagination ends. She says he will feed me jalebis too and thinks. She says this pure jalebis for me and this half jalebis with rose petals for Swami. She waits for Uma. Payal recalls Kanak’s words and gets leaving. She sees the house and says I think everyone is sleeping. She holds the chit given by Kanak. She leaves from the house.

Uma eats the food. Kanak fans air to him. Uma says your hands has Annapurna’s vaas, I got such great food here, I did not feel I m away from home. Kanak asks him to sit, she will get water for him. He says what’s happening today, such a tasty food and nice behavior, is anything wrong. He looks around and checks well. Kanak gets the water for him. He washes his hands. She gives him towel. She says I forgot the imp thing of today’s rasoi, I will come. He thinks I m scared of this service, don’t know when this Sita becomes Gita, I have to be careful. She gets jalebis. He asks did you make this for me. She says yes, there is no one here except me, have it fast and tell me how did I make it. He says their color and smell shows its tasty, I m surprised seeing your talents, you made so much at such place, how will I have jalebis alone. She says I also like jalebis, don’t worry, I will also have it. He says you said your likes to me for the first time.

Wind blows. He picks a jalebi fro rose petal side. Light goes. Kanak goes to light lantern. Uma goes to help her. He lights the lantern wick. Main sooraj tu Saanjh piya ji….plays….. They see each other. He says jalebis will cool down, and goes out. Kanak sees the rose petals off the plate. Uma says wind spoiled everything and picks the rose petals. She thinks how will I know which has alcohol. He asks her to sit.

She thinks which one shall I eat, my planning can get over me. Uma eats jalebis and says wow, its much tasty, this sugar syrup tastes different. Kanak thinks maybe of alcohol, no it will conform by seeing some sign.

Meenakshi and Babasa ask who is there. They switch on lights and see Bhabho. Bhabho says I just came here and goes. Babasa picks the napkin and says Bhabho writes phone number on my kerchief, so that if I get lost somewhere, someone drops me home, Bhabho came here to keep this. Uma says if you sit thinking, I will have all jalebis. She murmurs I should see sign. Kanak sees him feeling sleeping, and thinks he is getting drunk, I heard person feels drowsy, now there is no tension. She eats jalebis. Uma says I m feeling sleepy, I m much tired, I m going to sleep. Kanak asks him to wait for some time and talk. He says no, I have to sleep, I have to do puja in morning.

She says I know, but the day is special. I came here with you and made jalebis for you for the first time, atleast wait till I finish the jelabis. He smiles and says fine. She thinks this wine will open all of his secrets and smiles.

Kanak asks Uma to see the good weather and says I will ask you some questions, you answer honestly, okay. He says fine, ask. She says you think Lord made girls just to serve house, right, don’t you know we should also get some rights like guys, like freedom to live. He asks is it necessary to talk about this. She says yes, we are alone here and have time too, actually you have two persons in you, sometimes you respect a woman and sometimes you get a woman married to you, you don’t think about woman’s age, like Payal and me …. He says we have spoken about this, Dharm is biggest thing, I do what’s right. Kanak says so things came around Dharm again.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak gets drunk. Uma asks Kanak to stop it. Kanak says jalebis had wine in it, your Dharm broke, did I eat the alcoholic jalebis, its Adharm. She dances on Maine hoton se lagai to…. Uma looks on fuming in anger.

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