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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd January 2018 Written Episode Update

Uma Impresses Kanak And Neha!


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd January 2018 Episode Start With Kanak’s friend Neha challenges her that she will lure Uma and make him buy earrings for her. Kanak accepts her challenge and says her track record will break today. Neha takes Kanak’s dupatta and asks her to show where is Uma is. Kanak and Rani take her outside Uma’s clinic and show Uma. Neha says dhoti kurta laden doctor is very hot. She walks into Uma’s clinic and says he had treated her. Uma says he never treats women. She says her brother had come to take asthma medicine for her and her hair were falling. Uma says asthma and hair fall does not have connection. She says she is going to buy earrings and if he can come and help her, luring her with dupatta. Uma agrees.

Kanak is shocked and fumes. They both go to jewelry shop. Neha selects earring and asks if he remembers he broke her earring while selecting it last time. Kanak with Payal watches from outside and gets more angry, says if she allows Uma like t his, he will marry Neha. She walks in and asks Uma who is this girl, he bought her different gift and now selecting earring for this stranger girl. Uma says this girl is not stranger, she is Kanak’s friend. Neha is surprised and asks how did he identify her. He says via Kanak’s dupatta as Kanak had worn it before leaving home and he can identify Kanak’s sandalwood smell among 1000s and only Kanak knew that he is in lab. Neha praises his intelligence. Kanak asks why did not he tell her before. Uma says he wanted to prank his sister-in-law/Neha. Rani says she already told Uma is intelligent. Uma selects earrings for Kanak and says this is for her. Kanak smiles.

Aditya works in jail. Constable taunts him. He gets angry, but calms down thinking Maasi’s plan to control his anger for 1 week, then they will escape far away from here. He says he is doing exercise. Ved comes and warden tells him that on old woman disguised as sweeper is caught last night while walking out of jail. Ved asks to interrogate that woman. Aditya gets tensed thinking his mom is caught. He sees constable’s mobile on floor and silently steals it. Constable smirks thinking Ved’s plan is working.

Saras works at Bhabho’s sweet shop and lists grocery. Vansh says they are newly married and should go for a honeymoon and let workers do their job as their shop is reputed one and business will go as usual. Saras says bhabho gave responsibility to them and they should not disappoint her. Bhabho with Payal watches from outside. Payal taunts that Vansh is still immature and will return shop keys by evening. Bhabho says she has faith in Saras.

Neha tells Uma and Kanak that Maasi invited her for their wedding and asked to come immediately after getting invitation card. Kanak thinks why did Maasi call Neha, what she is up to.
Uma praises Maasi. They all return home. Uma introduces Neha to Maasi as Kanak’s friend. Maasi happily greets Neha. Neha calls her aunty. Maasi asks her to call Maasi as Kanak’s Maasi is her Maasi, Kanak’s SIL is her SIL, Kanak’s husband is… not her husbad. Neha says she is jovial. Maasi asks Uma to show house to Neha while she prepares sweets for her. Uma shows her home and takes her to lab. Kanak tells Uma is genius and can cure incurable diseases, he cured Babasa’s memory loss issue. Neha says then he should sell his medicines in whole world instead of confining him to Ladnu like many international pharma companies do. Maasi walks in with sweets and drops thali in a shock hearing th at.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak thinks Ved was right, Aditya is short tempered but not a fool. Aditya walks to woman’s jail cell thinking her as Maasi and shouts she was boasting once they get what they want, they will escape from here, did she get it. Ved watches via CCTV camera.

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