Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on teleshowupdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak worrying that she has said big things and fell in trouble. She thinks to do something. Suman asks Maasi to see the photo, girl’s hair is so good. Maasi asks her not to follow others. Suman helps her in calculating mahurat. Maasi asks how did you do this so soon. Uma says I got the flowers. Paulmi says I will wash these and dry. She takes the flowers. Maasi sends her.

Kanak hides and looks on. Maasi gives the mahurat at night. She says mahurat should not be missed. Kanak says suhaagraat mahurat, what an item family. Uma says I was also going to see mahurat. Maasi says you did not see, small mistakes happen seeing beauty of new bride. Kanak says I have to think something fast.

Uma takes care of his mum. He says I don’t care by happiness and sorrow. Maasi says he has grown up and thinks he can hide his sorrow from us. She says if Kanak steps out of Maryada to hurt Uma, I will also step out of Maryada, nothing is hidden from me, I have seen Kanak hurting your heart, you did not say anything, but I heard, I have raised you, what if you have drunk the poison like Shiv.

Uma takes her tear in hand and tells her that its tear of happiness and love. Maasi says you are teaching me what I taught you. He says Lord tests one whom he loves the most, she has come back to me, test is not over, we are very different, nothing matches between us. Kanak says there is still time, think fast. She sits to drink water. She says I will not hear Raavan, I will be as I m. She chants Ram’s name and prays.

Uma says both are from different world and life, even then Lord gave me signs about her, Lord has sent her as prasad on Shivratri, I have to accept this and respect Lord by my devotion, I will accept her the way she is, I will succeed her in adjusting her, I will need your support and patience in this. Maasi says I m with you. She makes Uma’s mum touch a necklace and shows Uma. Uma smiles. Maasi asks him to give it to Kanak. He takes the box.

Saraswati tells Payal about Uma’s wife. Payal recalls her marriage and gets sad. Kanak misses Meenakshi. A man repairs the bed. Kanak asks who are you. Saraswati says he is called to fix the bed well, Maasi said bed should be strong, it will be needed at night. Kanak worries. Payal says Maasi has sent this for you. They leave. Kanak hears Uma. She sees the time and says he came an hour before. She goes to pray.

Uma asks Kanak did she keep his bath water. Uma takes bath. Ye jo chandan ki…..plays….. Their moments are shown. Kanak sees him taking bath and says till he is busy, I will think something, I m scared of flowers now, I will hit this gift in his head, he won’t remember anything. She sees the idol of a couple.

Meenakshi thinks when did my Golu turn slim, his age is passing. Rani says very soon. Meenakshi and Rani scream seeing each other. Meenakshi says I was getting heart attack, you were spying on me. Rani says I know you are worried for Golu. Golu goes to have food. Rani says you will be happy hearing this. Meenakshi says I have kept chocolate pastries for Golu. Rani asks did she go mad, I have kept something in fridge, Golu will get hero size. Meenakshi asks what did you keep. Rani asks her to see, you kept 5 pastries, if Golu eats any one, change my name. Meenakshi says fine, change name, you will not get my chain, if you lose I will use your salary in card game. Golu sees the pictures of girls fixed on all food items. He shuts the fridge. Rani says see, now give me this necklace. Golu opens fridge and eats all pastries. Rani worries. Meenakshi says your name is now Chudail, I m his mum and know him, you lost, what did you keep in fridge, that you lost one month salary. She sees the girl’s pictures. She scolds Rani. Rani says Golu got affected wrong.

Kanak thinks Maasi is cheap, I did not come prepared to avoid this. She packs the gift. She sees Uma and says groom is preparing for suhaagraat more than bride. She sees the time and says just 30mins left.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uma comes to Kanak and slips. They fall over the bed. She says stop, I don’t love you.


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