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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Uma taking Kanak. The lady asks how did she come this way. Maasi says she is Uma’s wife, she has to be unique. The lady agrees. Uma gets Kanak to room and shuts door. She asks why did you shut door. He says enough. He gets Chandan smell and smiles. He says I m not going to get anything wrong, see door is not shut, I just want to explain you, such clothes are not worn for puja, a married woman has to obey some rules, as its related to her husband’s respect, I can’t bear anything against Dharm and maryada. She murmurs did Dharm and Maryada not break when you kidnapped me and married me forcibly. He asks her to wear clothes and come. She says I won’t wear this, I m not filmi heroine. He asks what. Maasi comes and says Uma got insulted today, what’s this kiddishness.

Kanak says respect is not by clothes, I m okay in these clothes. Maasi asks are you proud your beauty, thank God to get such a husband and family, this is your life’s good time. Kanak says no, I m caged here, I feel like a caged bird. Uma asks her not to talk with Maasi in loud tone, I respect Maasi a lot, remember. Maasi says its Lord’s sign to marry this girl, but she is creating problems here, she feels like a problem. Kanak says I feel I m in Ramayan times, where do we get to hear such hindi, I would have praised you, your words look sweet, but I don’t understand anything, I will never praise Uma.

Suman comes and says pandit ji is saying its time for mahurat. Kanak refuses to wear the clothes. Maasi says fine, as you wish, I want you to wear these clothes and jewelry, its not imitation, its pure gold ancestral jewelry, you got the respect of being Uma’s wife, you got all this, gold, property, assets, every girl dreams to get this, you think this happened by coincidence. Kanak thinks like they took Bhabho’s shop, maybe they looted many people, they are showing me how rich they are. Uma asks Maasi to stop this, we will wait for some time, else Gabbasa and his wife will sit in puja.

They leave. Suman says Uma is not able to control Kanak. Maasi says don’t worry, Uma knows this very well, he will handle her. Kanak thinks of jewelry, land and property, and says it means Bhabho’s shop papers will be there. She goes and stops them, asking them to give some other jewelry. Uma asks Maasi to give her anything. Kanak says I will wear the lahenga of your choice, I was not misbehaving, forgive me, I will just come. She goes. Suman says Uma’s magic is working. Maasi says no, its jewelry’s miracle that made her eyes blind.

Kanak wears the lahenga and thinks her guess should be right, I should get Bhabho’s shop paper in this safe. Maasi opens the safe and asks Kanak to wear anything she likes. She goes. Suman asks Kanak to hurry up. Kanak sees the papers. She thinks how will I check papers if she stands here. She says your dupatta looks mismatch, I think you should change. Suman says its good, you have to sit in puja, you get ready, I will just come. Kanak says wear some better dupatta. Suman makes face and goes. Kanak checks papers. Suman sees her and thinks what is she doing, I should call Maasi. She shouts to Maasi. Kanak hears them and turns, asking how am I looking. Maasi says this jewelry is suiting you, wear such clothes.

Kanak thinks to play game with them till she gets Bhabho’s shop papers. Vansh tells Ved that Bhabho can’t work in shop, if I had dad’s talent, I would have helped him. Ved jokes on his bad cooking talents. Vansh says I went on Sandhya, everyone knows she did not had cooking talents. Meenakshi comes and says you both are trying to lessen Bhabho’s burden, but she is increasing her burden more. She asks Rani to tell them, not cross the border. Rani says sorry, our Bhabho… Meenakshi asks our? Rani says sorry, I mean Bhabho is going to keep big program, as its sweet shop’s 65th anniversary, I have heard this. Meenakshi says its impossible to explain Bhabho, I had to tell you, now you guys manage. She asks Rani to make pasta for Golu.

Uma waits for Kanak. Pandit says doing puja in Uma’s house is like showing light to sun, Uma has much knowledge, we learn from him, what can we teach him. The men praise Uma. Kanak comes there. The lady says this is called newly married bride. Shiv says she looks so good. The lady compliments Kanak. Uma sits upset. Saraswati says Uma is much annoyed with Kanak. Paulmi says I would have done anything for him. Saraswati says you are already doing a lot with selfless intention. Paulmi says I did not mean that. Kanak thinks to do this for Bhabho’s shop.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pandit asks Uma to take an oath. Uma asks Kanak to say her name. She sits silent. Uma writes Kanak and tells pandit her name is Kanak. She gets stunned.

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