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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Maasi saying Uma is keeping Dharm, when Kanak did not support him. Shiv says but Kanak is good. Maasi says its Adharm to support wrong, its first time I m getting doubts on Lord’s question, how can Lord punish his devotee. Uma asks her not to doubt on Lord, maybe I did mistake to understand the sign, whatever happens, my belief on Lord will not get less. Kanak sees Sooraj and Sandhya’s idols. She says I m going back to that Raavan to get Bhabho’s shop, there are many difficulties, I will not move back, I will get the shop. She says her lines.

Uma says we get respect by talking on Dharm way, if I m wrong, I did sin, to think of stranger woman as mine, if she does not come back, I will kill myself by entering pure fire. They all get shocked. Maasi drops the aarti plate and stops him from saying so.

Kanak is on the way in bus. She sees an artist dressed as Hanuman. She buys ticket for Ladno. Lady asks where is she going alone. Kanak says some things have to be done alone, Sita is going to Raavan’s den. Lady says Ram ji will come to take you. Kanak says team is smaller, I m Sita and Ram too, my story is round as I love jalebis. She thinks Uma will ask me, why did I run, he is sharp. She chants Hanuman chalisa. Hanuman smiles and says if I had power, I would have gone flying, I m Hanuman of drama, not real. Lady tells Raavan’s patience, he did not touch Sita in his house, Sita was alive as Ram’s strength, it was Raavan’s Maryada that Sita was pure. Kanak thinks.

Uma sits to pray. Kanak reaches Ladno and thinks of her marriage. She thinks of Sooraj’s words. Babasa recalls Kanak’s words. Everyone is upset. Vansh comes and talks to Bhabho happily. He ties spiritual thread to everyone’s wrist. Vansh asks Pavan did anything happen at home. Pavan signs no. Vansh asks why is everyone silent. Ved comes and says you have come. Vansh says typical question, why are you tensed, did you fall in love with a thief, I got threads for three of us, we will have it when Kanak comes, why is anyone not talking.

Rani says Kanak has come. Vansh says I know she is in room and thinking I will convince her, I will meet her. Golu says Kanak is not here. Vansh asks him where is she. Golu says Kanak has no permission to come in this house. Vansh asks what do you mean. Golu says she is not part of this family now. Vansh asks Bhabho what did Kanak do, you were waiting to kick Kanak out. Ved asks Vansh to stop it. Vansh asks how did you stay silent when Kanak was kicked out. Ved says I made her leave house. Vansh looks at him.

At Uma’s house, Everyone is busy in routine. Saraswati makes Payal have hot water and Gaumutra. Payal asks how can I have Gaumutra, I can have hot water. Uma says it cleans blood and solves digestive problems, it kills germs, its one cure of 100 diseases. Payal drinks it. Shiv names Kanak while reading the book. He asks Uma the meaning.

Suman asks Shiv did he just get this doha. Uma says its difference of Kanak’s avatar, Kanak means gold and other is Dhatura, person gets mad by getting gold and eating Dhatura, which is alcoholic. Kanak says I m not filmi heroine to fight and get shop papers, its risky idea. Shiv says which Kanak is Bhabhisa, gold or intoxicating. Uma gets up. Everyone look on. Uma leaves. Suman asks Shiv not to take Kanak’s name. Shiv says I forgot, shall I apologize to Uma. Maasi says no use, his wounds won’t heal, don’t know how she came Ladno, she changed Uma’s state. She asks Uma is she right, that girl has ruined respect earned all these years. Kanak comes there and hears Maasi. Maasi says she has snatched our peace and happiness. Kanak says I can’t enter the house.

She recalls grahpravesh and says that day was soft and sweet compared with this. Maasi says she has cheated Uma, animal does not digest desi ghee. Kanak says I will see whatever happens. She chants Ram’s name and enters. They all get shocked seeing Kanak.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 31st May 2017 Written Episode Precap : Maasi says Kanak came prepared. She asks Kanak to leave. Uma takes Kanak with him. Maasi says its tough to understand what’s going on in Kanak’s mind.

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