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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Uma gives 10 lakhs rupees to Maasi. Maasi says he is giving his hard earned money to her, will he not ask where will she use them. He says for her, trust means Maasisa and betrayal means Kanak Rathi. Maasi says he should start a new life and move ahead. Gabbasa informs car is ready, and Maasi walks along. Kanak searches Maasa all around house and asks Suman if she saw Maasa. Suman asks her to relax as Maasi took Maasa to Jodhpur hospital for check up. Kanak says Uma is treating Maasa. Suman says Maasi takes Maasa to Jodhpur ayurvedic hospital every 3 months. Kanak says Maasa’s life is in danger. Suman asks her to relax, Maasi hates Kanak as she tried to change house rules got Uma arrested in Pushkar.

Maasa lying on car seat signals for water. Maasi picks water bottle and takes it towards Maasa’s mouth and herself drinks it. She then drops water and tells Gabbasa that didi wants water, but it fell down. Gabbasa says he got water. Maasi stops car seeing temple and says she will go and pray for Maasa while Gabbasa can feed water to Maasa. She walks to telephone booth and calls someone.

Kanak searches for clue and finds Maasa’s hospital report. She goes to Uma and showing report says it is Maasa’s hospital report. Uma asks from where did she get it. She says she found it in Maasa’s room and Maasi left it by mistake, and since Maasi might have gone far away, they should go and give report. Uma says he will and yells they are staying in 1 room till divorce and she should not show her rights on him. Once he leaves, Palomi enters and taunts Kanak that Uma went wearing her favorite red kurta, so she is indirectly going with Uma. She reminds Kanak of her slap and says it is a revenge.. Kanak walks out and stands near car. Uma asks what is she doing here. She says he must be in a hurry to meet lawyer for divorce proceedings, so she will come along and give report to Maasi on the way. Uma angrily agrees. She sits next to him and silently touches grease on gear and touches Uma’s kurta and apologizes him, asks to go and change it. Uma goes to chance. Palomi fumes in jealousy. Uma drives. Kanak checking report asks if Maasi really takes Maasa to hospital. Uma gets angry and warns her not to talk bad about Maasi again. Kanak thinks what Maasisa must be up to, whom she is going to meet in lieu of taking Maasa to hospital.

Maasi calls her son/Aditya repeatedly. He picks call late and complains that he had to run a lot last night, so he is tired and sleeping. She says she tricked Uma and grabbed 10 lakhs from him. Aditya laughs that Ladnu’s genius is a biggest fool. Maasi says Uma blindly obeys her, once he diverted, but she got him on line again.

Kanak with Uma reaches hospital and telling Maasa’s name asks receptionist when is her appointment. Receptionist checks and says there is no appointment in that patient’s name. Kanak says Maasi’s name. Receptionist says not even in that name. Kanak asks how can it be and asks Uma where Maasi took Maasa then. Uma sits waiting for them in waiting area.

Vansh packs his bags to go to Dubai. Saras requests to take her along. He says their relationship is finished and he already told her brother what he was up to, so she should stop pestering him. Bhabo enters and scolds Vansh she told she does not need any problems at home and giving him tickets asks Saras to let him go. Vansh asks when he has to go. Bhabo says today.

Maasi eagerly waits for Aditya in parking lot. Municipality worker walks in spreading mosquito repellent smoke. Maasi leaves. Smoke spreads into car and Maasa feels suffocated. Maasi returns and taunts Maasa that she has already made her life hell, so she must be waiting to die. She feeds water to Maasa when Aditya comes and knocks car window. Maasi nervously turns and gets happy seeing him. Kanak comes out fuming that Uma is dumbly sitting in waiting area instead of understanding Maasi’s plan and is shocked to see Maasi with Aditya.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak sees Maasi with Aditya, brings Uma to show them, but Maasi escapes. Saras asks Vansh to touch sindhoor bowl before leaving to Dubai, so that she can apply it till he returns. He throws sindoor and says this his her place in his life. Kanak asks Maasi who was the man whom she was feeding laddoo.

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