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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Palomi asks Maasi if milk is ready. Maasi says yes and if she serves gyaani Balbrahmachariji, she will be rewarded. Palomi says she is not yet rewarded well. Maasi says her plan will now and shows lizard. Palomi asks how will it bring Kanak in front of Balbrahmachariji. Maasi asks to send milk for both Uma and Balbrahmachariji. Sevika enters.

Maasi hides lizard and sends milk via her. Palomi says they have to serve milk for Shiv. Maasi says Kanak will and adds lizard in milk. Kanak walks into kitchen. Maasi acts that she was thinking about her and asks to serve milk to Shiva and walks away with Palomi. Kanak picks milk utensil and panics seeing lizard in it. She runs out. Suman returns from exam and says her exam is finished, sees Kanak tensed and asks what happened. Kanak says milk served to Uma and Balbrahmachariji is poisonous and she has to stop them from consuming it as it is Uma’s life’s issue, so she will break rules and go in front of Balbrahmachariji.

At Saras’ friend’s wedding, host announces bride’s brother and sister’s dance. They dance on London thumakda…song. Vansh imagines him and Kanak dancing and dances standing next to Saras. Saras asks what is he doing. Vansh says it is his favorite song and he loves his sister a lot. Saras says all brothers are same, even her dadusa/Uma loes her a lot. Vansh asks if she will not dance. She says not on filmy song. Vansh asks what if his family girl is married in her house. She says then that girl should forget entertainment. He asks if her family dances on bhajan.

She says he will see in 2 minutes and dances on folk song pallo latke o mharo pallo latke. Vansh gets 2 glasses of juice and mixes a tablet in Saras’ glass. After dance, people praise Saras. She slips and Vansh saves her via chair. She says he would have held and saved her instead of pulling chair towards her. He says she forgot that she warned him not to touch her and thought he is Casanova, he does not want to lose her. She gets shy. He gives her juice. She drinks and feels drowsy. He asks if she is fine and walks behind her.

Kanak walks into Balbrahmachariji’s room while he and Uma are meditating. She picks milk tray and drops lamp on floor by mistake. Floor catches fire and she shouts. Balbrahmachariji and Uma open eye. Balbrahmachariji shouts he is insulted, this arrogant woman entered his room and spoilt his Balbrahmachari vrat/fast. Uma apologizes him and requests to forgive. Kanak says she did not do anything wrong, but does not tell she was trying to save them from poisoned milk. Balbrahmachariji shouts she spoilt even his body by looking at it and her voice…

Kanak repeats she did not do anything, she was..Uma says not a single word now. Balbrahmachariji says there is only punishment for mistake. A man brings sadhvi’s dress and Uma gives it to Kanak and says she has to serve Balbrahmachariji as sadhvi whole life. Kanak asks if he is sacrificing his wife so easily. He says already told her not to come in front of his guru and wipes her sindhoor. Palomi gets out of her imagination when Maasi calls and says she was dreaming about their victory and Uma sacrificing Kanak. Maasi says she h as made all arrangements and Kanak will be out of Uma’s life. Kanak walks into Balbrahmachariji’s room silently and walks with milk silently, a vase drops and she gets tensed.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uma opens eyes and holds vase, stopping it from dropping.

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