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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Saras asks Bhabho who she is not help her convince Vansh, earlier she was on her side, she has only 30 days to save her and Vansh’s marriage. Bhabho says she herself is going away from Vansh and giving an example of taking out weeds and giving exact amount of manure and water, else plant will die. She tells she considers herself as Vansh’s wife, then she is equal to him, then why she always pleads for love, relationship are formed with respect. Saras says she is acting the way she was taught at her house. Bhabho asks Saras that she has can become one that Vansh cannot live without, for that she has to do as she says. Saras says her upbringing and dharm does not permit that.

Maasi pampers her son and feeds him ladoo. He says he does not like laddoo and needs real sweet. He pulls cig, she throws it away and says she brought real sweet for him, but before that he needs to have laddoo. He says really, he can do anything for real sweets. Maasi gives him laddoo. Kanak comes out of hospital and sees Maasi feeding a man, thinks who is he. She sees bracelet in his hand with same stones which she saw outside Maasi’s room. Son asks Maasi to give him real sweets. She gives 10 lakhs Rs packet and asks what happened to earlier money. He says money is for enjoyment. Money bundles fall down. He picks them back. Kanak sees that and runs to inform Uma.

Saras goes to her room with sindhoor box. Vansh asks not to start drama again. She say she will not trouble him and showing sindhoor asks to touch it so that she can use it till he returns. He takes box an throws it away and says, her place is near his feet like this sindhoor and he will never accept her. He goes down with bags. Golu gives him sheikh’s dress and says he could not go to Dubai, so Vansh can use it. Vansh takes Bhabho’s blessings and leaves.

Kanak brings Uma out to show Maasi and man and is surprised to see Maasi getting Maasa on wheelchair. Uma asks Maasi why she is lifting wheelchair, where is Gabbasa. Maasi nervously says she sent him for some work, what are they doing here. Uma says she forgot file, so they brought there. Kanak says there is no appointment in Maasa’s name. Maasi says doctor is her friend and she does not have to take 3 months’ prior appointment. Kanak asks who was the boy she was feeding laddoo and giving money bundle. Maasi says she gives charity in didi’s name for her speedy recovery and gave money to that boys’ studies, today was boy’s first day at job so she fed him laddoo. She taunts if Kanak had given more attention on Uma’s need, their divorce proceedings should not have started. Kanak asks where are receipts. Uma scolds Kanak that Maasi does not have to give calculation and whole house is hers. He yells at Kanak to hurry up as they have go to lawyer’s office for divorce proceedings. Kanak stands shocked and shattered and walks with him while Maasi smirks and thinks Kanak played a good move, but cannot win over her.

Kanak and Uma meet lawyer. Lawyer checks their file and asks to speak. Kanak reminisces Uma telling he does not want to lose her in any life. Uma says he wants divorce as soon as possible. Kanak sits sadly.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak thinks a mother cannot forget lost son and always keeps son’s photo, then why Maasi does not have a single photo. She looks upside cupboard and finds a photo. Maasi tells son how Uma married Kanak. Son says if she will find out about their relationship, they will be in trouble. Kanak sees face and realizes hospital boy was Maasi’s son Aditya.

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