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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kanak takes blame on her and tells Maasi that she threw jewelry bag outside house. She says Massi sa snatched necklace from her, so she stole it and even other jewelries and threw it out, don’t ask to whom. She tells Uma that she asked him for a financial security, but he imposed exams on her and put her in dilemma, so she thought if she cannot pass exam, at least she can get away with jewelry. Palomi says Kanak is lying, Payal threw jewelry from balcony and she saw her taking jewelry to balcony. Kanak says why will she protect Payal. Palomi says she does not know, she is just speaking what she saw. She thinks she does not have anything to do with Kanak or Payal, she just wants to gain Uma’s trust back. Uma says he trusts Palomi, she is telling truth. Palomi gets happy that Uma close her instead of his wife.

Kanak confronts Uma and Maasi why don’t they ask Payal why she did it, Uma brought Payal and kept her in a room and nothing else. Maasi says she is losing her calm again. Payal says she is talking to Uma. He did injustice to get Payal married to a photo and bring her. She does nnot have right to even have husband and children’s happiness. Uma says not to interfere, he is talking to Payal. Kanak says she is talking to him. She continues that they are not let to leave peacefully here and are imposed with so many religious restrictions, they walk on a snake tail and worry of being punished for breaking rules. She says Uma acts as protector of law and religion and is called to do justice, but he is not doing justice at home itself. Payal cries seeing Kanak taking her side. Kanak walks away.

Kanak then goes to her room and looking a weighting/law machine removes dhairya/calm/courage weight and keeps it on other side reminiscing she should n not lose calmness, else she will lose her exam. She reminisces the event happened sometime ago. In the morning, Payal remembers Uma telling that as a woman she has to follow wife’s duties and clear 7 exams, then she will get repention. He tells that she lost dhairya pariksha and lost even her 3 gains; jewelry, money and Kanak mishthan bhandar. She also remembers Vansh telling she has 4 days to return. She thinks today is Rakhi and she has to return home. Why did she open up her mouth and gave speech, she lost her exam. She sees weighting machine on her side and sees Mantri charitra pariksha weight on her side, thinks who kept it. Uma comes and says he kept it. She says she did not clear mantra pariksha and did not give him any suggestion at all, even their thinking does not match. He says she gave him knowledge in Payal’s case and corrected him. Maasi calls him and he leaves.

Kanak gets ready and walks out of her room thinking she scolded Uma yesterday in Payal’s case and lost dhairya pariksha, then why did Uma tell she cleared Mantri charitra pariksha. Payal’s parents come and thank Kanak for getting Payal justice. She thinks good Payal will be free now and will stay with her parents peacefully. She sees decoration and thinks it is for rakhi festival. Maasi thanks Kanak for opening their eyes and make them realize their mistake. Uma also backs Maasi. Kanak says that is why Payal’s parents came here. Payal comes dressed as bride and sits in mantap. Kanak thinks Payal must be getting married again. Pandit asks to call groom. Kanak calls Uma aside and says jeth is like elder brother and he gave good gift to Payal on raksha bandhan, thanks for getting good meaning of her words. Pandit says groom has come. Kanak is shocked to see Shiv as groom.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak asks Uma if got justice. He says yes. Kanak says he did more injustice to Payal, it is worst than getting her married to a phot, who give him rights to impose his decision on Payal, why…

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