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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kanak seeing Payal as a bride and sitting into mantap gets happy that Uma’s family is getting Payal remarried. She calls Uma aside and thanks him. Pandit says boy has come. Kanak is shocked to see Shiv. Uma tells Shiv that from today Payal is his foster mother and he has to give her respect of a mother and take care of her. Shiv says okay. Payal looks happy. Maasi asks Kanak if she is happy now, she can serve sweets to everyone as she is responsible for this new relationship. Kanak angrily runs to her room. Payal’s mother asks Maasi why did Payal run away. Maasi says she could not handle happiness, so ran away. She asks pandit to start ritual.

Ved wearing police uniform does rakhi pooja, calls Vansh and asks where is he, if he does not want to perform rakhi pooja. Vansh says he will get rakhi tied by Kanak. Ved say she is in her sasural and they don’t know her address, how will she tie rakhi. He says he will somehow. Ved disconnects call confused.

Kanak enters her room and reminisces all the drama down angrily breaks mirror. Uma enters and calmly says mirror is important part of this room, so he will get it refixed, why did she go away from function. She says he did more injustice to Payal than getting her married to a photo, who gave him right to take Paya’s life’s decision. Uma says she gave him suggestion and it is up to him to follow it or not. He wipes her tears and calmly says he is following religion and will do what is best for it, their relationship will be strong with mutual understanding. Suman enters and informs Uma that a woman has come to his clinic and is insisting to call him. Uma says he does not treat women. Kanak says that woman must be in severe pain and deserve treatment. Uma asks her to come along.

Pavan plays footfall and football falls on Meena’s side of house. He hides seeing Rani and Golu coming. Golu and Rani’s nok jhok continues as usual, Rani asks Golu to dorn sindhoor on her forehead and prove that he is her husband. He hesitantly opens sindhoor box when Pavan sees Meena coming and shouts Meena madam is coming. Golu worriedly hides sindhoor box and scolds Pavan why did he come this side of house. Meena angrily pushes Pavan on the other side injuring his hand. Once she leaves, Golu throws ball on Pavan and scolds him. Rani scolds him that Pavan came in front of Meena and saved Golu’s life and proved he is a good brother, bbut Golu does not.

Uma enters clinic with Kanak and tells woman that he doe s not treat woman, she can go to some other clinic. Woman insists she is in severe pain and says she will inform her symptoms to his wife, he can give medicines hearing his wife. Uma agrees and goes to get rakhi from his sisters. Woman opens pallu and shows her face. Kanak is surprised to see Vansh. Vansh says he came to get rakhi from her. Vansh and Ved’s song for Kanak plays in the background. Kanak ties him rakhi and hugs him emotionally. She informs that soon she will get Bhabho’s sweet shop papers and will return home. Payal’s mother hears that and thinks of exposing Kanak’s truth to Uma’s family.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Payal’s mother informs her about Kanak’s truth. Payal says if Uma will know about it, Kanak will be kicked out of this house. Mother says it is good for Payal. Ved sees Golu taking Pavan in car and asks where is he taking Pavan. Golu says he cannot stop him and speeds his car. Kanak gets tensed seeing Rambha pariksha weight.

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