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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Palomi tells Maasi that all their plans failed and Kanak is going to Puhskar/maika easily, even using Payal as a scapegoat in their plan did not work; Kanak and Uma’s love is increasing each day. Servant asks Kanak if he should keep her bag in car. Kanak asks him to wait till Uma comes out. Maasi thinks why she is not going, what she is up to now. Uma looking at sindhoor box and holy scripture given by Kanak to select either her love or religion reminisces Maasi’s moral gyaan in childhood that religion is superior to everything. He reminisces his and Kanak’s marriage, their love, etc., and thinks they are made for each other. He then imagines Kanak as sevika wearing white dress and head tonsured thinks he cannot let that happen.

Vansh brings Saras to temple and tells panditji that they want to marry. Panditji asks to bring garlands. Saras touches Vansh’s feet and says she is touching her parmeshwar’s feet and dadusa must have selected a perfect match for her. Vansh reminisces Kanak telling how Uma forcefully married her and fumes what to do now. Saras prays god to keep and Vansh’s Jodi united forever. Meena comes to pray and seeing her bangle in Saras’ hand says this is her bangle and she stole it. Saras says this is her bangle and her would be husband gave it to her, it is her dead MIL’s. Meena says she is still alive, if Golu remarried. Saras asks to stop talking rubbish. Meena says she will take her to police station and her nephew will punish her for stealing.

She drags her out of temple. Vansh sees her and hides in flower shop. Saras says her would be husband has gone to bring garlands. Meena shows flower shop and asks where is he. Shop owner asks Vansh to get up. Vansh gets up. Meena asks what is he doing here. Saras asks if she knows him. Meena says very well, he is her nephew. She twists Vansh’s ear and asks why did he give her bangle to this girl. Vansh takes her aside and says this girl became mad after her boyfriend promised to marry her and then ditched her here, so he is using similar therapy like in Bhool Bhulaiya movie to get back her memory. He asks her to go. She asks him to get back her bangle and leaves calling Saras mad. Saras asks who was that mad woman.

Kanak waits for Uma. Uma comes and shows holy scripture and says Maasi taught him to chose religion above all. Kanak feels disheartened and says he took his decision and she decided to stay back here. Maasi and Palomi smirk seeing their plan being succeeded. Uma asks Kanak to make arrangements as Balbrahmachariji is returning soon. Maasi tells Palomi that Balbrahmachariji will get one sevika from this house for sure.

Kanak with Payal decorates living room with flowers. Uma asks Maasi what is all this. Maasi says Balbrahmachariji will leave this house soon, so she thought of getting pooja done in open here, she already kept prasad. Uma says she did right. Balbrahmachariji comes between curtains held by his disciplines. Uma worriedly asks Kanak to go in. Kanak says his love is overtaking his religion and he is expressing his fear feeling. Balbrahmachariji comes out of curtains and opens eyes. Uma gets tensed.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Kanak returns home with Shiv while Balbrahmachariji is doing pooja in living room in dark. She opens door and falls on him. He shouts disaster…Palomi says Maasi that Kanak is out of Uma’s life now.

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