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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Pandit tells Uma and Kanak that as husband wife, they to perform sankalp pooja before entering maata’s temple and asks to tell their names. Uma says Mr and Mrs Uma Shankar. Kanak says Mr. Uma Shankar and Mrs. Kanak Rathi. Uma is surprised to hear that, but stands silently. Pandit does pooja and asks them to step on red color in thali and walk into temple. Uma tells Kanak he will go in front and she should follow him. Kanak says okay, but then after Uma leaves reminisces Bhabho’s words that she has to remove her husband’s blind faith in religious superstitions and enlighten him. She does not walk on his steps.

Maasi prepares khichdi for Uma and tells Palomi that Uma likes khichdi after returning from journey. She says only Palomi understands what Uma needs and must have been angry hearing Kaank sent Uma to jail. They both are in same boat, so can help each other. Maasi continues expelling her anger towards Kanak and via examples and says she wants Kanak to be out of Uma’s life and Palomi take her place.

Uma turns and asks if steps or hot, is shocked seeing Kanak not following his steps, says he told follow her, if she walked separately by mistake. Kanak says she walked separately purposefully, she wants them to walk together and not behind. She saw Shiv Parvathi’s ardhnareshwar avatar and saw them completing each other and not trying to hide each other, she wants them to be same. He asks if she wants to build her own identity. She says she wants them to walk together with one identity but with different personalities, just like diya and baati/lamp and thread stay together but not burn each other. Uma says let us go in together.

They both reach home. Saras happily greets Kanak and says she is happy seeing her back. Kanak asks where is Maasi, she has to perform aarti. Palomi says Maasi is very hurt wit Kanak’s acts and does not want to see her. Suman says let us complete ritual as usual. Saras performs aarti, and Uma walks in. Suman taunts Kanak this is her third aarti, what is she up to this time. Kanak says she wants to gain everyone’s happiness, even her. Palomi says this time is more tougher for her and don’t will she succeed or not. They both continue tongue lashing Kanak.

Vansh angrily looking into mirror thinks how to punish Uma. He reminisces Kanak telling Meena about Uma’s sister Saras. He decides to use Uma’s weakness for his sister and punish him. He practices wearing different dresses and styles how to convince Saras. Meena walks in and he stops. She tells she knows he is thinking about Uma’s sister Saras.

Uma goes to Maasi and asks how is she. Maasi fumes that he is supporting Kanak, but she cannot forgive Kanak for sending him to jail, whole Ladno bends their head in front of Uma, but he had to go to jail because of Kanak. She says she does not want Kanak to come in front of her and asks him to tell her to stay in any corner of room and never come in front of her. Uma says as his wife, Kanak deserves respect and Maasi’s blessings and she cannot deny that. Kanak hears everything standing near door.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak is busy in kitchen preparing food when Maasi comes from behind burns her dupatta. Kanak panics seeing fire in her dupatta.

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