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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th April 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Vansh saying about Bhabho avoiding Kanak when she comes home in holidays, this goes on since 15years. Ved says right, but what’s going on in your mind. Vansh says this time it will happen which never happened before, enemy’s plan will fail. Kanak says not enemy, she is out Dadi. Bhabho walks to them. Vansh says this time she is our enemy and not letting you enter home. Kanak says this time my Bcom ended and I m coming forever. Not on holidays. Ved says now we will see where will Bhabho run, she will come back. Vansh says she will come back some day and see Kanak.

Kanak says I m not goat, I m small tigress, I m tigress’ child. Ved laughs and asks her not to get in this. Vansh says this plan will succeed. Kanak says now we will stay under one roof, I will have food made by Bhabho and talk to her. Vansh says yes, it will start, love will melt the ice, none should know this that Kanak is coming Pushkar forever, this will be a bug surprise for Bhabho. Bhabho hears this and gets shocked. Kanak says finally I m going to get my Bhabho’s love. Bhabho runs to room and checks her bag. She recalls Kanak’s words. She says I will go to Chaar dhaam yatra, I will go more places, even then it won’t take more than 3-4 months, how long can I stay out, I have to come home, but how can I come in her presence, we can’t stay in one house. She drops the yatra papers. Kanak is on the way and recalls Vansh’s face.

Meenakshi checks girl’s pic for Golu. She dislikes the girl. Babasa says Golu, your number won’t come till Apsara descends from heaven for you. Golu thinks I chose sherwani color also. Meenakshi praises Golu. The lady says I got all top class girls. Meenakshi says I think I have to find the girl, go now. Golu says no, you can’t roam like her, check pics once. Meenakshi says no, sit quiet. She sends the lady. Golu sits sad. Meenakshi says Hanuman Gali will not joke on me, when I say something, even Lord listens to me, I know how to find a bride for you in one day by giving an ad in english newspaper. He asks why. She says english newspaper is read by rich people. Babasa says great, its perfect thought, I will get that ad written in english, I m expert in english, you book an elephant now, our Golu’s baraat will go on elephant. They laugh.

Kanak comes to hostel and says no exams now, I m going to my family and my Bhabho forever. The girl says exams over, it means hostel life over, mom and dad ask many things. Kanak smiles and imagines Bhabho asking her to come with her and keep tea cups, Bhabho asking her not to be on mobile. She tells her lines and says it looks so good if anyone scolds us by love, I m ready to go there and hear Bhabho’s scolding. She thinks I know its value as my relations are still incomplete.

Vansh packs the things. Ved asks Bhabho to come, its time for Pushkar’s train. Bhabho sees the dolls and recalls hearing them. She takes the dolls and throws out, saying I will not let the hearts unite, body wounds can heal, but not of heart. Kanak makes her and Bhabho’s pic in laptop. She falls. The girls laugh.

Uma is at the clinic. The man asks him to have food. Uma sits to have food. He hears the bell and stops. The man asks him to have food, I will ask them to wait. Uma says no, its Adharm if anyone bears pain when I m able to relieve the pain. Kanak and her friend is on the way. Kanak says all clinics are closed, I m hurt. She hears a man praising Uma and asks will he treat me, where is that doctor, I have hand sprain.

The man says no, he does not check female patients. Kanak asks is there any problem, what’s this gender discrimination, I will go there and see, how can any doctor do this I will see how he does not see me. She goes to Uma and says I heard you just treat mens, what’s the reason to discriminate. Uma says Lord made this difference and I obey it. She says Lord did not differentiate, just perception is different. She stands at the either side of the curtain. She asks him can he give a good reason, if not, then break this stupid rule and treat me. He says I have to touch patient’s body to treat. She says yes, so what’s the problem. He says like its fire when ghee and fire touch, its forbidden, same way its forbidden for a man and woman to touch.

She says fine, I will see and touches him. She gets a shock and her bangle falls. He picks it. She says this man gives current. He gets the chandan smell. Bhabho meets Vikram and his son Pavan. Vikram hugs Ved and Vansh, and asks did Kanak come. Ved nods. Vikram says I got yatra tickets for Bhabho. Bhabho recalls their words and thinks I won’t let this happen.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak tells her friends about Uma. Uma and Kanak meet in the market. Kanak talks to Vansh. She is on the way home. Bhabho makes sweets at the shop.

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