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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kanak tells Vansh that after 24 hours, she will return back to her family. Payal’s mother hears their conversation and thinks Kanak betrayed Uma’s family, she will expose Kanak’t truth in front of them. Vansh emotionally tells Payal that she is protecting them being a sister instead and should be tied rakhi instead. He ties rakhi on her hand. Their emotional bonding continues.

After sometime, Kanak speaks to Uma’s mother and says she wanted Payal to be free and start a new life, but Uma mistook her words and gave Shiv’s responsibility to her, who gave him rights to take decisions of other’s lives. Maasi enters and scolds that Kanak interferes in other’s issues, why did she interfere in Suman’s issue, she lost her exam, soon she will other exams and will lose patni pariksha. Kanak reminisces Uma telling she will lose her wealth, trust, and Kanak Misthan Bhandar.

Payal returns from market with Shiv and tells Uma that when shopkeeper asked Shiv why is he not coming to market, Shiv told Payal maa did not bring him. Uma says Shiv is a child, but is very intelligent. Kanak comes there sadly. Payal leaves with Siv. Uma smiles at Kanak and seeing lamp thread on her cheek says she is coming from maa’s room and must have complained against him. He says good she is connecting with maa and bonding with her. He says just like warmness of this thread fills his heart with love.

Meena is at her sari shop with Golu. She gives rakhi to Golu and asks him to tie it reminiscing Mishri. She gets emotional that Mishri was her pride and she misses her. A lady customer comes to buy sari. She says she has saris from 100 rs to 100,000 rs and asks where doe she live. Lady says London. Meena gets happy hearing that. Lady says she is childless and all sort of treatments could not help her. Vikram comes with Golu and she fumes seeing him. She comments some children bring happiness and some sadness

Payal’s mother calls her and informs conversation between Kanak and Vansh, she says Kanak betrayed Uma’s family. Payal says if Uma will know about, he will kick Kanak out of house. Mother says that is what she wants. Payal says Kanak took her side and fought with family for her right, she cannot do that. Mother says she has lost her respect in that house after jewelry issue, so she can gain respect back if she exposes Kanak’s truth.

Meena speaks to her London client. Golu says London client’s sari is ready and he will deliver it to her personally. Meena asks him to take Pavan also and give him to London client as she wil adopt Pavan. Golu says she hates Pavan right.. Meena says yes, Mishri died because of Pavan and she hates him to the core, good London client needs a child and will adopt Pavan. Golu hesitates. She reminds him of Mishri’s rakhi. Golu lies Pavan that he is taking him for ice cream. Ved sees Pavan passing and ask him to help tie rakhi. Pavan he is going to have ice cream with Golu bhaiya and leaves. Ved gets tensed and runs behind barefooted, but Golu already leaves in car. Ved then calls his team and informs to stop Golu’s car. Pavan tells Golu that he would not have told Meena maa that he tried to put sindhoor on Rani’s forehead even if he would not have offered ice cream. Golu says Meena hates him Pavan says she loves at least a bit if not more than Golu. Ved stops car, but Golu says he cannot stop him now and speeds car reversely.

Kanak thinks she cleared shat patni dharm’s 3 exams and after 1 exam, she will get Bhabho’s Kanak Misthan Bhandar back. She sees Shailesh Rambha note next and gets tensed reminiscing Uma telling that wife has to entertain her husband like Rambha.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uma thinks Kanak has to follow Rambha charita, then they will be united forever. Payal informs Uma that Kanak is a fraud and tells him whole story. Uma angrily breaks things in his room.

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